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I recently found the lead figures (Grenadier, Ral Partha, TSR, etc) that I bought when I was playing D&D in the 80's. I did a cursary count and came up with 225 figures. All but about 35 are completely painted by my brother & myself with the rest either completely unpainted or some form in between. The figures seem to all have copyright dates between 1980 & 1986. There is an extremely wide range of figure types - there are like 15 skeletons, but no more than 3 or 4 of any other figure type and only one double (a knight).

I would like to sell them. All I know is what I paid for them - $2-3 for the blister packs, $10-$15 for the boxed sets, and $15 each for two professionally painted figures. I'm in the process of trying to figure out all the figures I've got, but some of the item numbers on the bases of the figures are illegible and it's been so long, I don't even know what most of the monsters are even called. I've found catalog cutsheets of some of the figures on a website, but it will take me weeks to figure everything out and I wouldn't mind avoiding that.

So what I'm looking for is for any interested in giving these figures a good home where they'll get a lot of use to e-mail me directly (chris.kruschke@dm.af.mil) and make an offer. I have a number in mind, but as I've said I have no idea if that's an insult or a pittance. I'm not looking at getting rich, but I don't want to just toss them out on Ebay and have no one bid. I can take as many pictures as you want and describe general condition of the set. Keep in mind they've been boxed away for 15 years so a few have some rubbing wear. Postage will be $20 (box willl be HEAVY!) but I'll pack them away as good as I can.

The Exchange

Check out eBay. People sell old figures all the time. It is not that hard to post an item for sale. I think you would get a better price. Good Luck!

These figures will be auctioned off as item #200145400582 starting 1900 EST Saturday night, Aug 25th.

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