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Rise of the Runelords

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Liberty's Edge

Currently running two groups:

#1 Teach my nephews about table top rpgs

Dwarf (formerly elf) Fire elemental Sorcerer 12 - Really hates being a dwarf and is currently seeking the ability to cast wish.

Half-orc Barbarian 12 - Older nephews first character, he made a deal with the demon powering the dam to get the power to read.

Elf Air Elemental Sorcerer 12 - previous character was killed tragically, this one is a bit more functional. Has poor impulse control.

Human Cleric 12 - The den mother of the group she smacks them into order and keeps them on track and heals their injuries.

Elf Fighter 12 - occasionally confuses the dickens out of me with WoW terms. Since he joined the party him and the barbarian have introduced a lot more tactics to the fights.

#2 Want me to run a filler game while you are to busy to prep? 4 months later we have yet to return to his game...

Human rouge 3 - Parker from leverage actually but a terrible thief. Keeps having near death encounters due to her desire for loot.

Elf Aberrant Sorcerer 3 - player is basically playing a b&&+#%+ insane pretty boy who may or may not be possessed by a cellphone from space.

Aasimar druid 3 - Obsessed with his horse or was till he ordered it to test a bridge. now he has sworn vengeance on the goblins and those that drive them.

After my first attempt at running Runelords collapsed due to scheduling conflicts, I'm giving it another try - this time with a generous sprinkling of sidequests to spice things up (which means I have to adjust encounters to match the party's level).

The current party of 6 contains:

Charani - CG female Sylph Magus [kapenia dancer/bladebound] 1
She was born and raised among a Varisian caravan, and doesn't actually know she's a sylph (the swirls on her skin were mistaken for Varisian birth tattoos). I'm allowing her to use her bladed scarf as her black blade, which (once she reaches level 3 and gains the black blade) will be the trapped soul of her lover that died to protect her from Sczarni criminals. She was planning on just passing through Sandpoint when she got caught up in the goblin attacks.

Oriana - CN female Halfling Druid 1
Oriana is a hermit from the Fogscar mountains who lives with Anea, her pet juvenille roc. On one of her rare journeys into town, Oriana picked up a few books on ancient Thassilon authored by Brodert Quink, and has now come to Sandpoint to find out more.

Varial Nirgasson - NG male Musetouched Aasimar Hunter [divine hunter] 1
Varial is the youngest child of Eviana Nirgasson, leader of the elves of Crying Leaf. He was sent south as a diplomatic envoy to form alliances in Magnimar, and stopped in Sandpoint along the way to observe the Swallowtail Festival. He's also a childhood friend of Shalelu, and hopes to find her while he's in town. Varial is a follower of Ketephys, elven god of hunting.

Sloan - TN middle-aged male Human Barbarian 1
In his youth, Sloan was apprenticed to a wizard and studied the arcane. He was an ambitious and prideful student, and started learning magic beyond what his mentor was teaching him. Envious of his protege's talent, the wizard used enchantment spells to turn Sloan into a simpleminded brute. Sloan eventually killed the wizard and escaped, and with the help of his half-orc half brother, regained a portion of his mind. He still seeks to return his mind to its full potential, and has arranged to meet with his half-brother in Sandpoint to continue the search for a cure.

Ta'vi Shar-Quah - TN male Half-orc Skald [fated champion] 1
Born with a curse that left animals afraid to come near him, Ta'vi had a difficult childhood among the Shikirri-Quah tribe of the Shoanti. He took to traveling alone, trying to figure out his place in the world. His travels brought him into the worship of Desna, and hearing of the upcoming Swallowtail Festival, he set out for Sandpoint.

Zarex - NG male Fetchling Vigilante 1
Zarex claims to be a traveller, an envoy of his people, in Sandpoint to build relations and make friends. The truth is that his friend is Jubrayl Vhiski, and he's in town on 'family' business. Zarex isn't much of a fighter, but he can defend himself if needs be. His usual response to combat is to run and hide. The party doesn't mind; they've got all the help they need from the mysterious Shae, a long-distance archer who snipes from the rooftops and stands in shadows.

I had the party meet on a boatride to Sandpoint (giving them all various reasons to need to go there), boat was attacked by incompetent pirates (who were not expecting a bunch of adventurers to be aboard the crappy little vessel they were attacking) and the ensuing butt-whooping leading to party bonding.

Party is:

Ghroll (no last name) CG Half Orc Barbarian
He was raised in the Hold of Belkzen. Ghroll had to flee Belkzen when a rival of his assumed the chieftainship of his tribe. Ghroll is not very bright, but is open minded. He was going to Sandpoint on a lark, hoping to explore the human side of his heritage. Ghroll uses a greatclub in combat.

Mongol (also no last name) LN Dwarven Ranger
Mongol was a bit of a misfit in the Dwarven community of Janderhoff preferring the outside to the fortress. He and Agna (see below) worked with a local community of rangers and druids and were thought of as weird outsiders by the other Dwarves of Janderhoff. Mongol is an expert with a bow. He was sent to Sandpoint by his order to investigate the Sandpoint Devil and work with Madame Mavashti.

Agna Fuzzybeard - NN Dwarven Druid of Gozreh
Agna is a bearded female dwarf who has an almost identical backstory to Mongol. Friends and comrades they were sent together to assist Madame Mavashti and the druidic order around Sandpoint in investigating and stopping the Sandpoint Devil.

Fon Glimminghofferschmipperdo - CG Gnome Rogue
Fon grew up in Sipplerose and has known the Lyrakein Novi since birth. Novi, acting at the behest of Desna (unbeknownst to Fon, who thinks Novi is just this goofy pixie guy), requested she go to Sandpoint to assist father Zantus. Father Zantus (not expecting a random Gnome...but having prayed for assistance some weeks before) did not quite know what to do with her. However he now sees her worth since the resolution of the Goblin problem.

Morningstar Halfelven - CG Half-elven fighter
Morningstar comes from the Mierani Forest, her mother was one of the elves working on the problems near Celwynvian. Her mother had a passing affair with a local human ranger and intended to raise her daughter amongst the elves. However the mother and all other family members were captured/killed during an attack on their village (long story but mother was kidnapped by Drow and I intend to bring this back into play later). Morningstar was seperated from her mother in the chaos and escaped.
Morningstar was raised in an orphanage in Riddleport and has only vague memories of her mother. She came to Sandpoint as she had heard rumors that some other elven children from the Mierani forest were settled there at the Turanadok academy who might have clues to her background. (Hilariously while Morningstar had one of the most detailed backgrounds I made for the characters, she has prettymuch ignored it choosing not to follow any of the leads I have dangled regarding what happened to her mother).

Thalia Edasseril - CG Elf Wizard (universalist)
(I have a general rule as a DM that NO ONE EVER can play royalty, and that Noblity of any sort should be generally avoided. However, the player of this character INSISTED that she was playing a princess, and an elven princess at that. So with MUCH discussion we were able to come to an agreement where this could be done but in such a way where she would not have access to any of the resources that royalty might be expected to have).
Thalia is a younger sister of Queen Telandia Edasseril of Kyonin. (I put her as the 7th child). While being sent on a diplomatic visit to the area around Celwynvian Thalia was teleported incorrectly, arriving over the water next to the dock right before the characters got on the boat. (Thalia believes this might have been an accident, but in truth forces in Kyonin working against the Queen decided to have Thalia "accidentally lost" to help isolate the queen). Thalia, who lived a boring life of formality and protocol found that she loved the freedom of her current situation, loved adventuring, and.....really had no desire to go back to Kyonin or any other elven area. She has taken up with the adventurers and has like them become a local hero around Sandpoint. Thalia is a bit touched in the head, acts erratically and upon occasion has been known to pronounce herself a princess in public, but generally it's just thought that she is crazy.

Been a while playing now, but here is what we've got, in order of appearance (living and dead):
Current party is Sarah, Rothgar, Gronad, Skippy, Elrohir, Joe Flynn, and Zukuto

Sarah - Human Sorceress from Magnimar, was at the Festival trying to sell some of her custom made jewellery

Ragner - Human fighter/fisherman from Sandpoint, had a booth at the festival selling raw fish. Currently MIA, suspected dead in a fishing accident.

Agronox - Human Oracle, brother of Rothgar, exiled from their Shonti tribe for differing opinions with the tribal leaders. Agronox was blinded as punishment. Currently deceased.

Rothgar - Human Fighter/Summoner, brother of Agronox, exiled from their Shonti tribe for differing opinions with the tribal leaders. Believes his Eidolon is a manifestation of his brothers spirit come to protect him.

Nurr - Human Ninja with no actual ninja skills... from Sandpoint, though not well liked around town, and surprisingly literate. Currently deceased.

Gronad - Dwarf Oracle/Barbarian, came to Sandpoint on a pilgrimage to observe the festival, but was delayed and arrived after the festival was over.

Gobber - Human barbarian, former Black Arrow who was chased for weeks by a band of ogres, eventually falling off a cliff into the ocean and washing up on Junk Beach. Currently MIA, suspected dead in a pit under Sandpoint.

Maximo - Human Cleric, got himself trapped in a crypt under Sandpoint and was rescued by the party. Ghoulified, and then deceased.

Urlian - Human Ranger, hunter from Turtleback Ferry, arrived at Sandpoint looking for trade and got roped into investigating a murder. Currently deceased.

Skippy - Aasimir Magus, hired to study the Thassilonion ruins under Sandpoint. Decided to investigate a murder instead, and never showed up to his job.

Cronad - Brother of Gronad, met in Magnimar stalking some monster. Currently deceased

Joe Flynn - Corsair whose ship was taking leave in Sandpoint, assisted in some troubles there and never went back to his ship.

Zukuto - Ninja with regrets as to some of his previous life decisions. Searching for a new teacher to show him a more honourable way, he made his way to Sandpoint, and has become affixed to Gronad.

Current party about to head to Thistletop:

Zaigeran: male CG aasimar investigator. Has ties to the Szcarni family, but trying to get out. Basically trying to lead the group from the backseat.

Magnus: male LG human paladin of Iomedae. The only truly experienced role player in my group. Actually leading the group, though not a big talking character. Married (in and out of game) to...

Haven: female NG half-elf ranger. Secret princess on the run from racist elf assassins.

Wilaktugk: male NG half-orc oracle. The orcacle that seems to do everything right. Has love/hate relationship with fire, and nice relationship with Shayliss.

Etah: male CN fetchling magus. Treasure hunter for an underground fetchling shadow organization. Puns intended.

Teymiel: male CN half-elf efreeti-blood sorceror. Impulse driven, has penchant for fire and women. Has trust issues.

Armoth: male CG fetchling slayer. Thought the investigator killed a friend of his, but recently found out the killer is elsewhere, so will be replaced by...

Athrogate: male NG dwarf archivist bard. Looking for an epic story but not necessarily the best companion.

Current party on the way to the Glassworks.

CN female Aasimar Warpriest of Calistria. She is a bad ass but a seriously vicious piece of work. Wanted to go with Shayliss but was rebuffed. Is now "working on" both Ameiko and Shalelu.

CN female fetchling Divine Marksman ranger. Deadly with a bow and the only player with non-knowledge skills. Just kind of wandered into town and ende dup shooting goblins.

CG male human Cleric of Desna. Has no idea who Desna is, but just picked her due to the Swallowtail festival.

LN male human scroll scholar Wizard. Played as a totally naive geek who just graduated wizard college. Has only knowledge and spellcraft skills. Also (somehow) has the highest charisma in the party and as such ended up with Shayliss and got beaten to a pulp by her dad.

An AWOL ratfolk investigator.

Sovereign Court

Heading to fight the dragon in Zin-Shalast.

Human Rouge
Human Warblade (adapted to PF as best we could)
Human Wizard/Cleric of Nethys - Mystic Theurge and his follower
Human Cleric of Nethys

So far only 1 death (and he got better) but many close calls

Cylerist wrote:
Human Warblade (adapted to PF as best we could)

Do you guys know about Path of War? Its the Pathfinder update to the Tome of Battle.

Shadow Lodge

The party, she is a changing;

Stephen Blackwaters (aka Pixie Boy): male human witch - 8, worked full time as an escort at the Pixie's Kitten until mugged and badly cut up 5 years ago. Until recently continued working as a bouncer there. Grew up an orphan at Turandarok. Has become a bit paranoid over the years.

Irishish Imonini (aka Giant): male half-giant psychic warrior - 8, worked the docks since leaving Turandarok. Hates boats. Grew up an orphan at Turandarok after being found adrift in the Varisian gulf after the hurricane of 4687. Feels responsible for the sad mental state of Pixie and Boomer, since they've been his friends for a while now, but they scare the crap out of him. Has serious feelings for his current, and only, bed partner Amekio.

Boomer Tander: male human alchemist - 8, worked for his hated half-elven father part time at Bottled Solutions. Likes being a full time adventurer, because even if nobody really likes him they have to respect him. Has been evicted from almost every store or public office in Sandpoint, to include the temple, for mischief and mayhem.

Ygritte (aka that b^&*!): female suli hospitaler/oracle - 4/4, this Iomedian warrior stumbled upon our hapless heroes in Magnimar while investigating the death of a friend. Ygritte's investigation brought her to the attention of Magnimar's authorities who directed her to us while we worked to solve the Star Murders mystery. Ygritte's formal and somewhat stuffy personality grate terribly with Pixie Boy's overly flamboyant demeanor; but to date she's only stabbed him once for casting a hex on her. Harmless pranks aren't so harmless if the target doesn't know the game.

??? (aka Knife Ears & Fuzzy Puppy): male elven druid/rogue - 4/4, this student of nature showed up at Justice Ironbriar's townhouse where we were staying, with a full grown wolf following him, after having a vision about demons and the dead. So far, he doesn't seem as disagreeable as Ygritte, but no were near as unstable as Boomer or Pixie Boy. I know, that's low bar to set.


Pickles: female gnome bard - 4, came to Sandpoint to see the Swallowtail festival and got caught in the excitement. Currently working at the Sandpoint Theater and hanging out in a wine barrel at the Rusty Dragon

Shadow Lodge

Okay, now I'm running Rise as well as playing in it twice (one game in Fortress, the other in Hook Mountain). The group I'm running for just finished the Beginner's Box and will be starting the AP in three weeks. Here is their intrepid little band of adventurers.

Artemis: female human Pathfinder agent, hunter - 1. This shy and quiet hunter and her wolf companion were traveling to Sandpoint from Magnimar on orders from Venture Captain Sheila Heidmarch to investigate an unusual uptick in goblin activity in the extended Magnimar region. This is her first solo mission as a newly minted agent of the Pathfinder Society; so she is keeping the wayfinder Lady Heidmarch gave her tucked safely out of sight. Artemis is really hoping to make a mark for herself as an agent at large so she leapt into action when the caravan she had been given passage to Sandpoint on was jumped by goblins. Favored weapon - comp longbow.

Auri Akis: male half-orc caravan guard, kensai magus - 1. Confident and brash, Auri is the son of two former Pathfinder agents that chose to retire in the quiet town of Sandpoint nearly 20 years ago. Auri has always wanted to make his own mark on the world though, so he has stayed away from his parent's former fraternity. Since graduating from Turandarok Academy 5 years ago and training to be a magus, Auri has begun taking jobs as a guard on local caravans. On his latest job he was riding back to Sandpoint when the caravan was ambushed by goblins. Fortunately a couple travelers riding along with the caravan had enough skills to help turn back the raid with no losses to the caravan. Favored weapon - mwk scimitar (a gift from his parents).

Tempest: female dwarf priest of Gozreh, druid - 1. Unusually curious and outgoing for a dwarf, Tempest loves the open sky, and has a tremendous fondness for birds. When word reached her that the new temple in Sandpoint would be consecrated in part to the worship of Gozreh she leapt at the chance to travel to the small city on the lost coast. Her trainer had gifted to her a mwk quarterstaff carved with birds and wings. The crafter was a little known artist from Sandpoint named Jervis Stoot, and Tempest hopes to meet the reclusive craftsman during her trip. (Yes, I did.) Favored weapon: scimitar (doesn't want to damage her staff cause it's so cool).

Tink Tank: female elf adventurer, barbarian - 1. Gregarious and outgoing, Tink was returning from an Oathday event in Magnimar to her new home in Sandpoint when the caravan she was riding along with was jumped by goblins. Fortunately her newfound friends, Tempest and Artemis helped her clean up the situation. The caravan guard was actually useful for once too. Now that the caravan has returned to Sandpoint, Tink is having fun introducing her new friends to the town and having a good time bopping goblins on the head. Favored weapon: elven curved blade.

We were a man short so we had some gestalts... lets see... Dwarven barbarian ranger, a cleric/alchemist, and an evolutionist summoner if I remember correctly.

Did manage to make it all the way through.

Shadow Lodge

People ended up leaving my initial group for various reasons, and I think I now have a solid quartet.

The Previous PCs

Rufus NG halfling druid. Left before he could come up with a back story. Either wanted to talk to bears or clouds, then turn into whichever one he'd pick.

Saban LG Varisian human polearm fighter. Former brewer, current recovering alcoholic. After fighting some goblins and skeletons, he decided to settle down and marry one Miss Vinder.

Caiterina NE Varisian/Chelish human witch. After her mentor and mother was unfairly sentenced to death, she turned to the Szcarni out of desperation, and was forwarded to one Jubrayl Vishki in Sandpoint. Taking over after Madame Mvashti's death of natural causes, she's being persuaded to not insult her predecessor's legacy by helping out in short cons.

The Current PCs

Nordramel Embermaw NG red kobold unchained rogue. Investigating human-controlled surface lands to update his tribe's information on them. Has a spellbook, but is still looking for a means to work magic safely. Currently tempted from the teachings of Apsu after finding out about Cayden Caelian.

Dreg Embermaw NG red kobold sandman bard. Following his brother because he wanted to see this Brightlander festival. Learned to play the lute from Ameiko. Constantly complaining about how his brother is a better fencer, but his smattering of sorcery and witchcraft are self-proclaimedly underappreciated.

Koji Yamaoka NG Tien-Min kitsune oracle. His family followed the Kaijutsus to Varisia to assist their escape. While a nominal follower of Daikitsu, he has a poorly-understood connecion to the Positive Energy Plane, causing small accidental bursts of energy or large intentional ones. He knew Nualia growing up, and listening to her made him afraid of shedding his persona in public, for fear of gossipy neighbours.

Atropos CG catfolk fighter. From a rich Osiriani family, they all decided to travel to different regions and compare the local fighting styles. He chose Varisia for its own rich history. He loves tossing chakrams and helping out his friends. The children of Sandpoint love him.

I hope, in time, Koji will be okay with showing the real him to his friends. I expect that followers of Lamashtu will be disappointed when they claim she's making them all look bad.

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I recently started running this AP and the party is currently in the Catacombs of Wrath. They are:

Kath'ranis the elven ranger: very handy with a bow but seriously unable to handle his drink

Vomitus the dwarven fighter: always steps up to fight the foe and protect his allies, definitely able to handle his drink and one of the few people to best the Hagfish Challenge

Lem the halfling rogue: raised locally, he is fascinated with goblins and stealing things, though he'll deny the two are at all related

Googledop the gnome sorcerer: local boy adopted into the Valdemar family, always carries a folding chair with him so that he can see what's going on or to rest his feet

Salingiel the elven sorcerer: was a long-distance runner in his youth, these days uses that skill to run from monsters as well as infatuated young women; a bit of a mischief maker, especially when it comes to pranking Vomitus

We just finished "Burnt Offerings." The party consists of:

Tordek Hammerfist - a paladin.... male Drow paladin, raised by dwarves after they discovered him as an infant in their tunnels. (If I read the timeline correctly, Drow don't surface in Golarion until sometime after RotR begins, so I allowed him as an experiment in nature vs nurture.)

Willo Featherbottom - a female elven cleric of Desna. She was instrumental in

redeeming Nualia and bringing her safely back to Sandpoint, where she is being held until being transported to Magnimar to stand trial before Justice Ironbriar.

Carl Jenkins - male human magus, of Thassalonian descent. His father raised him to work with his hands so that he wouldn't be tempted to dabble in magic and follow the ancient family traditions. His grandfather had other ideas, and secretly trained him to use magic.

He's collecting as many Thassalonian artifacts as he can manage. I suspect he'll try to betray the party at some point.

Ninotchka - female half-elf ranger. Formerly involved in an opium smuggling ring, she joined the party as part of her personal quest to locate her missing significant other, Dmitri, and seek revenge on an old enemy named Fenrir.

Ganame Ganomerson - gnomish barbarian/rogue - possibly one of the least optimized characters ever, who fits the campaign perfectly. She's a mistress of the gnomish hook hammer, and her bonuses against goblins and giants are excellent for this campaign.

Guess which player is the GM's wife! :P

Izaak - a dwarven druid, who wandered off with a barmaid after a long night of drinking and eating mushrooms. He'll be back, after his player gets married and comes back from their honeymoon.

Having read some of the parties here I think I should ask my PC to add some more stories to their characters (we are all new).

We have - I know they are not really PF cannon, but still:
1) Eloen the half-elf Bard - I have yet to recieve a backstory from her, she came to Sandpoint Festival to earn some gold-
2) Kolja Kletkin the human Fighter - used to be a theater star, but at some point he was not as popular as he used to be, so he joined the crusades. While burning a powerful withc all of his fellow crusaders died and he killed the witch. This was too much for him, so he deserted and hid himself a few years back at Sandpoint, where he fixes boats.
3) Sutan Cleric of Calistria was a general cleric, but when he experienced a siezure while praying, he got kicked out for being "cursed". Now he is thinking of redeeming himself. (But this has not really been roleplayed much)
4) Ardenon the dwarf druid - no backstory yet, but with a charisma of 7 it better be good.
5) A Half-Orc Barbarian, who is a linguist and knows many languages. Orcs attacked his village, but he talked to them and they agreed that the village pays the orcs. But, being half orc himself, he demamnded the tribute to be paid to him as well. It did not and well for the village.

I thought they will meet each other at the tavern and introduce themselfs, but did not really work out.

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I completed DMing my RotRL campaign on Tuesday 22/08/17. It took us 6 years, involved 11 deaths and the party earned 95 levels in total. I've lost count of the number of grey hairs the Dms shed!
Anyway to Commemorate this achievement and because none of my players ever will I present; The Hero's of Sand-point!

Cody - 18th level Barbarian, Ex Human Male now Enlarged Gnome
Kaliban - 18th level Fighter, Dwarven Male, through and through
Mabb - 4th level Cleric of Pharasma/4th level Mage/10th level Mystic Thurge, Ancient Human Female
Lanedorm - 18th level Rogue, Elven male, now Halfling dreaming of been an elf once again
Mogash - 18th Level Druid, Halfling! Summoner of T-Rex's that become confused all too often
And finally: Lynx - 18th level Lynx, the lynx

Thanks Paizo best Campaign Ever! Until the next one...

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UkOgre wrote:

I completed DMing my RotRL campaign on Tuesday 22/08/17. It took us 6 years, involved 11 deaths and the party earned 95 levels in total. I've lost count of the number of grey hairs the Dms shed!

Anyway to Commemorate this achievement and because none of my players ever will I present; The Hero's of Sand-point!

Cody - 18th level Barbarian, Ex Human Male now Enlarged Gnome
Kaliban - 18th level Fighter, Dwarven Male, through and through
Mabb - 4th level Cleric of Pharasma/4th level Mage/10th level Mystic Thurge, Ancient Human Female
Lanedorm - 18th level Rogue, Elven male, now Halfling dreaming of been an elf once again
Mogash - 18th Level Druid, Halfling! Summoner of T-Rex's that become confused all too often
And finally: Lynx - 18th level Lynx, the lynx

Thanks Paizo best Campaign Ever! Until the next one...

My congrats, i'm actually starting this campaingn with my group. It seems it will be an epic, long, and unforgetable journey!!

Goblins killed, goblins bited (L)

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Cheers Graelsis, I'm sure you'll have a ball. We had some breaks in our 6 years and even fitted a couple of Wrath of the Righteous, chapters in between our sessions but overall it was a very satisfying achievement to get it finished.
I spoke to a longtime RPG friend about our campaign yesterday and the time it took and he pointed out "The long form often gives us the most memorable of events; long spoken of years from now." I agree

Good Luck with your game, mate.

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About to face off against Mokmurian.

* Original members at the start of module 1

No longer in party:

*Fawego Filtheater- Tiefling,Divine Defender Paladin 4, LG. Left party after Module 1. Sin was not clear at time of departure.

*Tycho Hillsburrow- Halfling, Bard 5/Rogue 3/Arcane Trickster 3, CG. Killed by a stone giant with a ladle below Jorgenfist. Tied to Lust.

Current members:

*Sharmane of Turtleback Ferry (Cousin of Tycho)- Halfling, Order of the Dragon Cavalier 11/ Paladin of Erastil 2, LG(moving towards LN after Tycho's death). Tied to Wrath.

*Urijah Meremoth- Aasimar, Oracle 13 (Wind Mystery, Haunted Curse), N (Moving towards NE as his Ego swells). Tied to Pride.

*Delapore- Halfling, Aberrant Sorcerer 13, NG. Tied to Gluttony.

Dalk'r of the Land of Linnorm Kings- Half-orc, Inquisitor of Iomidae 13, LN.New player Joined at start of Module 4. Tied to Envy.

Ryu of Minkai- Tian-Min Human Ninja 13, N. Joined after the death of Tycho. Tied to Sloth(most likely).

Starting Party:
Kaosix Ironbeard - Dwarven Gunslinger
D’rizzat Ironbeard - Drow Cleric of Torag
Knell - Changling Leshy Druid
Galverist Ironthroat - Goblin Alchemist
Groznak Ironthroat - Oversized Goblin Barbarian
Kaia - Catfolk Bard

Book 2 Party
Kaosix Ironbeard - Dwarven Gunslinger/Wizard(Spellslinger)
Nell - Half-Elf Magus(Esoteric)/Brawler
Odek - Asmoeti Cleric of Time and Space
Groznak Ironthroat - Oversized Goblin Barbarian/Alchemist
Kaia - Catfolk Bard
Qahllabbth - Kastatha Unchained Monk

Book 3
Odek - Cleric of Time and Space
Groznak Ironthroat - Human Barbarian/Alchemist/Gray Paladin
Kaia - Catfolk Arcane Trickster/Wizard/Rogue
Qahllabbth - Kasatha Unchained Monk

Book 4
Groznak Ironthroat - Human/Gnoll/Occult Dragon Barbarian/Alchemist/Gray Paladin
Kaia - Catfolk Arcane Trickster/Wizard/Rogue
Qahllabbth - Kasatha Unchained Monk
Senju - Tengu Shaman

Book 5
Kaia - Catfolk Arcane Trickster/Wizard/Rogue
Qahllabbth - Tanuki Unchained Monk
Krosan - Kasatha Arcane Archer/ Magus(Eldritch Archer)/Ranger (Bow Nomad)
Thorn Ironbeard - Dwarven Slayer

We are about to finish book 5 and move onto book 6
Context: I have a custom Reincarnation list cause I thought it would be more interesting . Hence my crazy races

Alright our party is most of the way through Burnt Offerings (had to end the session last week because of time, but they're fighting Nualia), but I've been lazy and just now got around to this.

We have made characters using the usual 4d6 drop the lowest method:

Fist E Cuffs: LN Dwarven Monk 3 [Ki Mystic]/Witch 1 (16 18 16 16 18 9)

Fist has so far been the Grapple King and the most law-abiding, but he does fall prey to "No, this time we're gonna get him!" a bit, like with Tsuto. The Witch magic could very well prove corrupting.

Malachi: CN Human Druid 3/Barbarian 1 (15 15 15 13 16 12)

Overall, a vindictive Druid, especially if anything touches his lion. Has a very "survival of the fittest" view on things (he ate his horse for breakfast the morning after it was killed by goblins).

Azureal: CN Human Fighter 1/Sorcerer 3 (14 18 12 13 10 16)

Very much the "I need more fame and glory!" character. Shows tendencies of moral ambiguity and metagaming. After Malachi talked down Gogmurt, Azureal said, in-character, "Let's kill him and take his loot."

We also had a Summoner, but we lost him last session after the slashing cage trap and Bruthasmus. Below is the summoner and who will be replacing him:

Xandos Dewtide: CG Half-elf Summoner 4 (9 10 12 13 14 16)

He was the Good/Nicer cop buddy to the Monk, despite joining the game several sessions in. With his stats, you can see why he relied on his Eidolon a lot. Unfortunately, 12AC doesn't go well with Bruthasmus...

??????????????: NG Halfling Paladin 4 [Holy Gun, Warrior of Sunlight] (16 16 14 11 7 16)

Of note for the new Paladin: Following logical discussion with a former DM, I allow LG or NG for alignment. Also, I'm running the Holy Gun's Smiting Shot as something that is applied as a swift action and can be applied to more than one attack per round as long as you can spend 1 Grit point before each attack is made.

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Sorry about the walls in advance, I'm not great with brevity :P

The party I GM hasn't started Rise of the Runelords yet, but we have run a few sessions already. My younger sister also wants to learn how to gm, so we decided together to let her run a prequel adventure, the starting adventure Black Fang's Dungeon. I'm planning on weaving some more dragons into the story, and letting her experiment with writing an adventure herself.

Besides my sister, I got my mum and dad to join us. They're completely new, but have been interested in the hobby for a while because my sister and I are quite enthusiastic. So anyway, here is the party itself, all level 1:

Flint McCool: A 120ish years old Male Dwarven Cleric of Iomedae, think 4.5ft. tall Dr. Strangelove with a beard. As one of the initial settlers in Sandpoint, he's been researching the sedimentary process of rock formation in the area, and has taken up diving as a hobby in the process. The geological research he's doing has already given some hints to the nature of the civilisation that once made use of this land that's now submerged, though he hasn't gotten very far yet. An avid lover of lamb and mountain goat stew, he immediately took up the job to deal with the menace that brought peril to his dinner. This guy is played by my father, who's getting really into it. Also his name is fantastic, we'd been snickering whenever it came up during the first session.

Teal: A Female Human Fighter in her early 30s, who's mostly made a living in Sandpoint by doing hard labour and odd jobs. She's trying hard to make something from her life, having left her family's country farm at a young age to walk her own path in a different community. Despite her naturally strong body and spirit, she's somewhat insecure over her intellect. Though it's absolutely above average, people tend to think less of her because of her simple jobs, stubbornness, brashness, and so on. She's a regular customer at the Hagfish, and has been taking lessons from the pianist(Inspired by Dr. John) there as well. She took up the first adventure mostly to prove herself, though the extra money was also great motivation. She's my mother's character, who's a drama teacher. Unlike what I'd expected, the role-play doesn't quite come naturally to her, but it's great when we get her engaged!

Elanor: A Female Elven Divination Wizard of youthful demeanour, Elanor runs her own small magic shack in the old part of Sandpoint. The wares themselves are more dedicated to helping the average person than the adventurer, and are often dedicated to a very specific purpose. As such, the gold value of these items is low, but extremely useful to the everyman. She could be considered a friendly rival of Risa Magravi, and has taken an interest over the years in applying to Turandarok academy. Until she has the funds though, she'll keep her shop running. She convinced herself she picked up the job to investigate Black Fang for the reward money, but she was really more interested in the old items that might be concealed in the dungeon. Over all Elanor acts quite aloof, though when the situation calls for it, she'll step up to be a contributing voice of both reason and innovation. Over all, she's having more trouble fitting in with the group that any other party member, partially because she's my sister's character, and had to be an NPC/GMPC. Maybe I should have played her instead for her first time GMing, but it worked out fine.
I'm also having a lot of fun coming up with cool magic items for her shop, I may post a full list to this forum once I have a hundred or so finished.

Andral: A Male Rogue in his early 20s, my temporary PC during the first adventure. One of the many fishermen working at the docks, he would occasionally accept to smuggle goods if the catch was lacking for long periods. He's trying hard to cut that part out of his life, and joined the quest for the reward, hoping that he can come clean to Belor Hemlock and settle his metaphoric debt to the law with the money. Belor probably would have interpreted it as a bribe, but it worked out after the whole dragon slaying deal. Andral is a pretty simple character with a purposefully short character arc, because I'm planning on having him be abducted during the festival. Andral is on good terms with most people in the harbour.

We're all really excited to start with the Rise of the Runelords, and I'm making some preparations for the festival. I'm planning for the next session to just be festival games, which should be a lot of fun! I think we'll end up dragging this out for a year if we keep playing at this pace, but I'm sure that will only make the journey cooler. My players don't have a clue what kind of epic quest they're in for :D

So I am about to start a game this weekend. I do not have all the details from my players yet (names, etc) but I have class/race/archtype/and some misc.

1) Human bard (arrowsong minstrel) [friends and enemies gives her a horse and she is planning on being a mounted archer.] Sandpoint local, mid 20s. *I allowed the archetype to give her short bow prof rather than long bow.

2) Aasimar paladin (divine guardian and another archtype) [has a story involving being recruited into an extraplanar army as a young man but screwing it up and being shunted back to the material plane. While with outsiders he picked up special training that allows him to bash with a tower shield. I told him i'd allow it if using both hands. It will be interesting...] Been in Sandpoint for a few years, mid 30s from what I have gathered.

3) Aasimar fighter (brawler). Dual wielding. Standpoint local. Grew up in the streets. [dont know much more at this point because the player is probably already in the middle of rebuilding him...just can't make a decision]

4) Human witch (sea witch). [Apparently wants to multi class into kraken caller druid. I explained how rough that can be for a caster. Apparently wants an octopus...I explained this was not a sea adventure....whatever...] Young, late teens. Apparently a pseudo sister to the paladin. A runaway from either magnimar or riddle port. Player deciding.

I do not know how likely this will be to work, ha. Worst part is everyone is a lawyer so here we go.

@ Valrydus: The following is my two copper pieces of offered advice - which you are of course free to ignore! :)

Two coppers:
Not intending to be nay-sayer, but there won't be a huge opportunity for mounted combat in this AP, particularly in the last two books. (I'd suggest keeping that idea for another AP, like Kingmaker or Ironfang Invasion).

I'm always a bit leery when it comes to stronger-than-core-race characters like aasimar. Even though aasimar are considered to be a "featured race" in the Advanced Race Guide, with 15 RP they are still fifty percent stronger than the core races (going by the ARG's RP system). (As a GM I basically had to end a campaign because of a min-maxing power gamer who played an aasimar paladin.)

And if the players are being allowed aasimar, then I strongly suggest keeping the ability scores to the 15-point buy for which the AP is constructed. (Unless you want it to be a cake-walk?) This is assuming that you do not want to sink a lot of extra time into preparing the AP and beefing up the foes. If that is what do intend, then more power to you! :)

The sea witch ... like you said, it's not an aquatic adventure. Surely there's another archetype which would suit better? It might sound odd, but what about a winter witch archetype? (A runaway from as far as Irrisen? Or from the Lands of the Linnorm Kings, who left when she realised that she was developing the same abilities as the much-hated Winter Witches of Irrisen?) The free Reign of Winter player's guide includes both the winter witch archetype and the winter witch prestige class.

Or the witch could change from human to a winter-born changeling, trying to avoid her winter hag mother. If you allow changelings (which in my view are not as OP as aasimar), then Blood of the Coven might be useful.

My current run of RotRL includes this menagerie of miscreants:

Raiez Fellfallen (Tiefling Alchemist): Former slave soldier to the House Arrione of Cheliax, she was released from enslavement by Queen Abrogail herself, along with all the other slaves owned by the Lord Cizhal Arrione as an added disrespect to the Arrione family for an attempt by Cizhal to unlawfully destroy the trade routes of other Houses. Since her freedom, she has been attempting to find her place in the world as well as a way to regrow her severed tail.

Lyle Tighfield (Halfling Rogue/Bard): Former house slave of the youngest son of Cizhal Arrione. Lyle truly and emphatically believes that Coren Arrione was one of the best people in the whole world and practically worshiped the ground he walked on. After being forcefully separated from the Arrione family, he found the next source of his hero worship... Raiez. Ever since then he has followed her and helped her dutifully and will do ANYTHING for the tiefling.

Lasair (Aasimar Witch): Lasair grew up in Nirmathas, raised by the herbalist of one of the many small towns that are scattered through the forests. He has always had a burning passion to learn new things and as such, a chance encounter with a seemingly normal cat who spoke to him and offered him access to powers and gifts beyond his understanding was too tempting an offer to refuse. Since then, he has been traveling with his childhood friend, Jameson, searching out new interests and studies.

Jameson, Son of James (Human Ranger/Paladin of Sarenrae): Jameson grew up in Nirmathas as a stocky farmboy, surrounded by his siblings and helping out wherever possible. He trained with some of the militia before joining his friend Lasair when he was broached about seeing the rest of the world. Since then, he has found his faith in Erastil ebbing as signs and portents from the Dawnflower guide him to her side.

Orthello Corvantus (Half Elf Paladin of Torag): Orthello grew up in the Hinterlands of Sandpoint, helping his family with the farm when he wasn't in Sandpoint taking his studies at the Turandurok Academy. His father never cared for him and shunned him in every way possible (neither of his parents had any elven heritage that they knew of and while his mother vehemently denied cheating, the cant of his ears suggested differently). RIP: Slain by Bruthazmus as he rushed the bugbear, putting himself between the vicious ranger and the injured tiefling alchemist.

Longer Bit!:

When he was in his teens, he fell in love with another outsider in the small town of Sandpoint, a beautiful young aasimar woman (yes, I'm that evil!). Orthello didn't just up and leave her like the original write up in the RotRL, though he did get cold feet. He decided to do a little tomb spelunking to see if he could find some artifacts to sell and try and help raise a child. He was injured mortally during the attempt at being an adventurer and was only saved due to being found by a small dwarven caravan.

They took him in and instead of heading back to his life and responsibilities he decided to run away from his problems. He apprenticed under them and learned smithing. He came into his faith and decided to return home and try and make things right. (The other players only found out about his connection to Nualia after his and Nualia's deaths through reading her journal.)

The Greymulkin (Catfolk Rogue/Sorceror): Grey was trained in his small, hidden village before being sent out by the Elders to seek out the looming evils that assaulted their vision dreams of the future. Since then, he has traveled across Varisia. He was encountered by the party in Thistletop, a mercenary friend of Orik's who tagged along with Orik. They both turned against Nualia and helped the party against her. Since then he has stuck to the party, observing them and guaging their mettle.

Qaflifum Glombogglae (Gnome Spheres of Power Armorist): Q (As everyone calls her because damn gnome names are annoying to say...) recently joined the party after seeing Lyle order a few drinks and meals for the party at the Rusty Dragon while he waited for them to filter in. She promptly helped herself to the drinks while talking to the frustrated and beleaguered halfling and quickly forced her way into the group. She seems quite capable with a scimitar and seems to have a few tricks up her sleeves, including some extradimensional pocket to store goods, the ability to shapeshift, and a head of hair so ridiculously party colored it would make a Calistrian whore blush. The party still doesn't know what to make of her, though they have gathered that she is quite old, even by gnomish standards, has a hard time remembering anything, and has been doing everything in her power to stave off the Bleaching as long as she can.

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