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I have to say, when I first noticed there was a feature article on arcane plants, I was expecting it to be pretty dull. I just want to say that I found it fascinating. I think the ideas will fit well into almost any campaign, even if it's as a background detail. Way to go!

I really liked that article as well and have planned on inserting a couple of things into my campaigns. Good job, guys!

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Cool cool. We're glad you like it. :) I think Scott did a great job writing that article. :)

I am really pleased there are some folks out there who liked it!
(Now I really wish I got a higher word count!)

Thanks for the positive comments!

And to Mike for all his encouragement and feedback!

yeah nice.. and great seeing there was a bit Finnish midsummer magic involved :D


Tahto/a = to want
Toivo/a (toivomus-lehti, even better)= to wish, would have been more correct

and it should be blossoming on midsummer, not midwinter ;)

And of course those wishes were really just useful in one way, for the woman to get married.. lol!

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