Varisia for Runelords only or all APs?

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Just curious, I know nothing is set in stone beyond the Runelords Adventure Path, but is the INTENTION that Pathfinder for the foreseeable future will be based in Varisia, or is it primarily just the Rise of the Runelords will be based in Varisia and the next AP will be in another part of the world, and so on?

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All of the APs and GameMastery modules will be set in the same world. However, Varisia is only one region of said world.

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Ross Byers wrote:
All of the APs and GameMastery modules will be set in the same world. However, Varisia is only one region of said world.

What Ross said.

Future APs might appear anywhere in the world Doctor Jacobs dictates.

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Each adventure path will, in some way, lead into the next one, similarly to how Shackled City led into Age of Worms led into Savage Tide. It's looking like the second Pathfinder Adventrue Path will also take place in Varisia, but will do so in areas not really covered in Rise of the Runelords, for example.

Mike McArtor wrote:
Future APs might appear anywhere in the world Doctor Jacobs dictates.

Wha?!?! He's got a doctorate?!?! I feel scared to ask in what field. Though, the small part of me that's asking this in a non-flippant manner is thinking possibly World Building.

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Short Version of a Longer Story:

I've just got a BA in English, alas. I got my doctorate from my friend Matt Sernett.

Matt is the one who first started calling me Doctor Jacobs, because when I was growing up, my familiy had a lot of animals around. We didn't live on a farm (we lived in the woodlands of coastal northern California) but there were lots of animals. Over the course of my time there before heading off to college, the pets included the following between my two sisters and parents (note: these are the pets I can remember; there were certainly more before my time, and the list below stretches over the course of 18 years or so).

Black labrador named "Blackie"
Golden Retriever named "Gypsy"
Horse name "Amigo"
Gurnsey Cow named "Amber"
Cats (Stinky-poo, Whitie, Tom-o, Shadow, Q-tip, Velcro, Dragon, Newt, Scabby, Buttface, Termite, and some more I'm sure I'm forgetting about)
About a half dozen rabbits
Chickens of various breeds
Ducks (mallards and muskivies)
Various rodents (rats, hamsters, wild mice)
Aligator lizards
Garter snakes
Guinea Pigs
Trap door spiders
Lots of various aquarium fish

And that's not even touching the various wild animals we'd seen on the two acres of mountaintop redwood forest land that my parents owned, including such creaters as:
Black Widow Spiders
Rubber Boas
Wild Boars
Mountain Lions

And then, of course, the fact that my dad is a commercial fisherman (he's retired now), so that meant that I also had regular exposure to things like:
Abalone (mmm... delicious)
Kelp Crabs
Gray Whales
Sea Lions
A briefcase (my Dad never forgave me for not fishing that one out of the ocean... it ws probably full of money)
Blue sharks
Great White Sharks (never saw one myself, alas... but we had 1-2 locals a year get bitten)
Humpback Whales
Sea Turtles
Blue Whales

SO: Basically, as a result, whenever I ended up telling some anecdote or story about my childhood, invariably some different animal ended up featuring in the story, and Matt Sernett started wondering if I was actually Doctor Doolittle. But then he just started calling me Doctor Jacobs as a result, and he did so at least once in front of Mike McArtor and Wes Schneider, and the nickname kinda stuck.

OH! By the way. Latest additions to the local animal scene in Point Arena, my home town? Zebras and gazelles, as part of a wildlife preservation society or something. The guy who imported them's working to get giraffes, but he's not sure how to ship them or something.

I guess that kind of ended up being the long version of the story after all.

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You're just an all-around cool guy. Thanks for sharing. Seriously, I feel I know you and a lot of folks from Paizo and the boards here better than I know some people I see everyday (avoid?) at work.

Ok, back to the topic ... I look forward to seeing a new world unfold one adventure at a time, like they did in the old days.

Mike McArtor wrote:

Future APs might appear anywhere in the world Doctor Jacobs dictates.

So Dr Jacobs is a dictator ?

Ok I get out :D


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James Jacobs wrote:
Black labrador named "Blackie"

Neat! I had a black lab named Blackie, too. He was dognapped while we were living in Wyoming for a year. When we moved back to Washington we got another black lab (my mom loves black labs) and after carefully listing out all things my feeble 9-year-old brain could identify as black, I named her Licorice.

I rescued a black lab puppy who had gotten a leeeetle too big for his owner's trailer-house - they had, somehow, named him Sage. Really kool dog, he was.

The "Doctor Doolittle" thing is how I ended up w/ "Doc" as part of my online nick - that an I believe in dealing with things at home that don't require medical supervision...

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I think there should be an Island of Dr. Jacobs somewhere on the continent. If Dr. Moreau can have one, why not? Perhaps Dr. Jacobs is a deranged druid or transmuter. I like the arbitrary use of the title doctor. It lends some sort of legitimacy to his nefarious efforts.

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