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Dragon and Dungeon Transition Discussion

I've seen a lot of complaining and ranting throughout the D&D world online. Most of us, it would appear, don't want to give up our magazines. There have also been a lot of people saying that we don't have a chance to change the corporate mind.

Fan outcry brought Star Trek back even if only for a year. Fan outcry brought original formula Coke back. Fan outcry can bring back the magazines.

It's pretty easy to ignore a forum or justify to yourself why posts there are meaningless. It's also pretty easy to ignore or delete email. It's very hard to ignore the US postal service.

Write a letter.

Wizards of the Coast
Attn Customer Service
PO Box 707
Renton, WA 98057-0707

Kadh, who already wrote a letter.

Will do! Losing Dragon and Dungeon mags is like rolling that "1" when you really needed that "20"!

I'm probably looking at a ban with what I'm likely to add to the D&D boards on WotC. They'd better turn their filters on.

Dungeon rocks. Best D&D product on the market.

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