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Paizo Employee Senior Software Developer

When you're not playing D&D, which of these games do you like to play? (If you choose "Other," please make a post letting us know the details!)

Feels weird to be the 1st one to vote. I gotta say though that LIFE is my favorite board game of ALL time! Many a childhood memory with that one.

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Since the poll asks only "Which of these ... is your favorite?", I only voted for Ticket to Ride. That said, I noticed that the poll allows for multiple responses. Did you mean to ask for multiple responses per person?

That said, I could as easily have answered Other, since I enjoy many different board games. My favorite depends on the day of the week.

Liberty's Edge

Chess. It's a classic.

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I'm rather fond of "Twilight Imperium" from Fantasy Flight Games. Sadly, I believe it is no longer in production.

For all those people who think Risk and Axis & Allies are complicated... you ain't seen NOTHIN' yet!

Risk. There is nothing like assimilating the whole world.

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I'm not even familiar with many on the list, but my vote went to "other". Like Heathy, I vote for chess, followed by Trivial Pursuit and Cranium. If dominoes qualifies, then it's my super-fave.


Other: Game of Thrones...fun fun fun.

I really want to try Twilight Imperium though!

I'm with Heathy and Daigle, I voted others for chess.

Chess is like mental wrestling, with two evenly matched opponents it is about who wants it more.

Their are no bad die rolls, bad luck of the draw and no excuses.

Grand Lodge

Scrabble. Fun and educational - and no game is ever the same!

No dices, just strategy.

Scarab Sages

Trivial Pursuit is my favorite. I'm also fond of monopoly and chess.

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Arkham Horror, particularly with its Dunwich Horror expansion, has become a favorite around here.

Puerto Rico is excellent, but I like all of the Euro games on your list. I'd avoid Monopoly, Kill Dr. Lucky, and Risk, but would enjoy any of the others. Descent: Journeys... is the only one I've never played.

Robo Rally!

Gary Teter wrote:
When you're not playing D&D, which of these games do you like to play? (If you choose "Other," please make a post letting us know the details!)

I chose "Settlers" which is a great game and the game my group most frequently turns to when we do not have our full gaming group. but......

nostalgia reminds me of some of my all-time favorites of my youth: Cosmic encounter
Civilzation (the board game)

Of these? Scrabble.

Quick and painless... well for me at least (boast boast).

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Clue!!! Deductive reasoning and bluffing for the elementary set.

Plus, the movie is classic.

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Can folks talk a little bit more about why you like the games you like, and, just as importantly, who you don't like the games you don't like?


Liberty's Edge

I like Monopoly, but I can't play with anyone because I have a finance degree and I know how to cut really crappy deals that sound good to other people really fast, so it always ends with everybody quitting. And maybe I should hold back or something.
Scrabble's okay, I just get bored with it. I'm either totally outclassed or I totally outclass the other player(s). There just never seems to be a middle ground.
I like chess a lot. There's no luck involved, it's just raw thinking and there's absolutely no rule flukes involved--you win or you lose by sheer ability or lack thereof. There's no question whatsoever. No "chess lawyers."
I don't know if this is any help or not, it's just pure train of thought.
I'm not directly familiar with the other games.
I like Trivial Pursuit, but it always seems like there's an argument at the end about "you lucked out. That was a b.s. question. You know too much; you must read the answers out of the deck at home." Although the argument is entertaining somethimes, at other times it is tedious.

Betrayal at House on the Hill (by Avalon Hill) is my favorite right now, although Marvel Heroes (by Nexus) is making an assault on the top spot.

Back in the day I was nearly obsessed with Axis & Allies (from Milton Bradley's Gamemaster Series).

Vic Wertz wrote:

Can folks talk a little bit more about why you like the games you like, and, just as importantly, who you don't like the games you don't like?


My #1 is Settlers. Carcassonne is #2, and with its beautiful new Paizo version, Kill Dr. Lucky has recently secured the #3 slot.

Settlers is a wonderful and varied strategy game. Carcassonne and Kill Dr. Lucky have the advantage that it's easy to get non-gamers to play and enjoy them, but there's still enough going on for more experienced gamers to appreciate. Finally, I have to admit I'm really only interested in playing pretty board games.

What don't I like about other games?
The only game on your list that I know and dislike is Monopoly. Hate it, hate it, hate it. Too few decisions to make - really, just figuring out how to sucker your opponents into a bad trade.

In short, I hate party games, non-strategic games, and ugly games.

Risk the game of World Domination!

Monopoly should be called the game of how to piss people off and lose friends


Settlers is a good game, easy to play; easy to find players and there is something about mashing sheep into bricks that appeals to our group; like the board set up as it varies and is a thinking game based on chance; like clue, master clue actually for a light whodunnit when you use your wits are just guess work to solve a problem; fun how some people chase you from room to room and you do a lot of yes, eheh I knew it, and aaaah and ahaa to highten the thrill; Diplomacy rocks as a game, but hard to find players for as lot of people dont like the hard feeling they get after being betrayed. Wierd that chess is in the other category, I like it, but we all know who the players are and most people like to play people better than them or their level and that is a problem in our group.
Lately, been playing a lot of Acquire, the hotel chain game; it is really a great game; is easy; 12 year old and 50 year old can play together; is very simple and the stragegy is placing tiles is simple; making money; not so easy sometimes; running out of money; real easy. There is also this new game out with a board you put mirrors and blocker on and it has two laser and you try to get your laser light to illuminate your opponents "king" piece by turning mirrors and removing blockers; dont remember its name, but is fun, geometry and tactics mixed together and the game comes with a whole book of simple to complex set-ups with Egyptian names.

For larger groups: games; Trivial Pursuit, Pictionary, and the one I forget the name of where you get your partner to pick a word but can't use any from the list on the card; that is a great game; these are games we all still play in teams and still have lasting appeal. We like Titan a lot, but the game takes so bleeding long it falls into the Risk category of "fun, but who has the time".

My favorite; whew, hard choice; hmm Talisman; a great game especially if you have the expansions; love that game, we usually use the multiclass rule where you get 5 cards and pick two classes to play with compatible alignments, the charactes and their powers are cool; we always talk about doing our own expansion for the castle or maybe the desert like the dungeon and timescape expansions, we also double str everything in the middle region, and triple str the center, heck sometimes I play this buy myself running several peices all competing with each other; hmm do games like Munchkin and Nuke War which are card games but not collector card games; do they count as board games? I love Munchkin because it is silly and fast to play, love the art too; go Kovalik woot! Nuke War is fun with a lesson, as you if you loose all your population your out of the game; and as your nuking each other and can break the planet; well; its fun with a sorta moral hmm in it; quick too. Dark Tower is a great game, but my tower doesnt work anymore so it is out; I had the German version which is much better than the one released in America as it was expanded a bit more. The game was a bit like Talisman where you march around a board of spaces that have various interface things like obstacles; and the tower interacted with you and other players, fun, but it broke; you cant get them anymore and no expansions.

If card game count; my favorite game over all above and beyond anything is Illuminati - hands down - bar none, I love trying to take over the world and controlling various groups and the cards are silly and sarcastic to boot; love it, will drive a long way to play this game no dice; chance is in the draw; everybody laughs cause its funny hehe but we have our own rules; like I am not allowed to play the Gnomes; and a few other are banned from certain controlling groups because we are to good at playing those with novice players, if its just us; no hold barred, hehe cheating is in the rules if you can figure out how to do it and not get caught which is cool because some people cheat at games.

So favorite board games with a real board; Talisman, but we all want more expansions.

hehe I just looked at your guys lists and mine; sheesh; my grannie was right; I am a playbaby.

I like so many of these games it is difficult to decide. In the end I voted for Crack-assone, which has proven an addiction throughout my extended gaming family and, as mentioned above sometimes coaxes non-gamers off the sideline for a few turns.

I love Axis and Allies, and the Xeno expansion, World at War, but can rarely find serious opponents who can commit to the timeframe. If I played more I would have voted for A&A, but I haven't played in over a year.

are there two threads on this now?

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Vic Wertz wrote:

Can folks talk a little bit more about why you like the games you like, and, just as importantly, why you don't like the games you don't like?


I'm preferential to strategy games in general. I have played Game of Thrones and, while it was very interesting and fun, I had never read the books or played the P&P game so I had little to no knowledge of what relevance anything had. Twilight Imperium does a decent job of explaining through 'flavor text' why the galaxy is in the state it is in and also provides some information about the various races that the players choose to represent. Long before I played either of these, my big favorites were Chess (of course) and Stratego. I never really cared for Checkers because it was too simple for me. I enjoy complicated games, I guess. Risk and Axis & Allies are both very fun as well, but neither are as detailed or complex as Twilight Imperium. My favorite thing about TI is the 'Political Round' in which the players hold a poll to pass galactic laws by majority rules and such. There are Action Cards which allow players to force other players to abstain, count their votes as double, veto the current poll regardless of voting, etc. Very cool and highly dynamic. With over 200 Political agendas that can be drawn to vote on and laws that affect the way certain aspects of the game work, it's literally a completely different set of rules every time you play! I love it!

If I had to say what I *DON'T* like in a board game, it's simplicity. I enjoy things like Trivial Pursuit and Cranium for hanging out with friends as well as timeless classics like Sorry and my wife's favorite, Apples to Apples, but when I want to have fun playing the game itself instead of just finding something to pass time with friends, its pretty much strategy or nothing for me.

Fizzban wrote:

Risk the game of World Domination!

Monopoly should be called the game of how to piss people off and lose friends


Yeah! why isn't risk on the poll,many meglomaniacs love it.Its the game we play the most when not d&ding

The LOrd of the rings game is cool too but a bit long winded and complicated if you are not an experienced gamer

Does Heroscape count, I love that game!

We always play those DVD games like Pub Quiz or we play on PS2 games like Buzz. Don't really play board games although the other half loves Monopoly and sometime we all have to play -just to keep the peace. ;)

Monopoly, Scrabble, Life, Risk, sometimes Trivial Pursuit...if we have time to set things up, Warhammer Quest is fun...I wish I had a copy of the early/mid-1980's Dungeon! game...

Fizzban wrote:

Risk the game of World Domination!

Monopoly should be called the game of how to piss people off and lose friends

Monopoly is nothing on this front compared to, say, Diplomacy...where deeply hurtful backstabbing is the norm.

Voted for Carcassonne...there are plenty of great board games I have played, too many for me to pick favorite.

Silver Crusade

I'm going for Settlers, although it's been a while since I've played.

It's funny. I like games that I'm not good at. I guess I like the challenge. I'm killer at Scrabble and Trivial Pursuit, and yet they don't rank at the top of my list.

I'm just a glutton for punishment, don't ask me why. When I lose something repeatedly, I want nothing more than to attempt it again and again until I win.

How about Balderdash? Trying to find the balance to creating a definition for a word you have no clue about that people will buy into. True b!~$+*#!ting and lots of fun.

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scorpionkiss wrote:
why isn't risk on the poll,many meglomaniacs love it.Its the game we play the most when not d&ding

Because Mike Selinker came up with the list, and he forgot about Risk. (Did I mention he designed Risk: Godstorm? No? He designed Risk: Godstorm.)


Sequence ... anytime ... anywhere.

Liberty's Edge


Liberty's Edge

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Advanced Civilization (the board game)

Just realized I originally posted this into the wrong thread. Sorry, Titan games.

Tensor wrote:

When you get to www.boardgamegeek.com look on the left side panel under "Hot Games".

I play any and all board games listed there... AND YOU SHOULD TOO !!

At the moment, my friends are really into Attack Vector: Tactical .

Note who wrote a review for this game:
"Arguably the best space combat simulation available."

-- Undefeated, Issue 9, Page 22.

I am just getting into BattleLore .

Axis & Allies

Tensor wrote:

... my friends are really into Attack Vector: Tactical .

Note who wrote a review for this game:
"Arguably the best space combat simulation available."

-- Undefeated, Issue 9, Page 22.

Has anyone heard of AV:T ship designs for Battlestar Galactica ?

Its Advanced Civilization for me. I wish we could play it more than twice a year though, but getting everyone together for a 10 hour plus game is hard.


I would play Clue. The sad part is i don't even have the game anymore because all the pieces got lost.

Settlers of Catan

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Chess, Carcasonne, and Settlers of Catan.

In fact, I dig settlers of catan so much that I even have The Aniversery Edition. Three-Dee Catan for the WIN!

I do tend towards stratagy games, for the most part. I find them to be much more enjoyable as a game than anything else. for pure social fun, however, games like apples to apples are also a lot of fun.

oh, and SET. if you don't know SET (cardgame), I pity you. It's amazingly fun for its simplicity.

Tikal is also fun.

I havn't had a chance to play Imperium Galactica yet... I'm holding out hope to get to play it someday.

Betrayal at House on the Hill is also pretty enjoyable, just because it's a fun social game that is very rarely the same game twice.

Games I avoid like the plague:

Overly random games. Kill Dr. Lucky is so incredibly random and annoying that I refuse to take part. if I am socially forced to play, I tend to be a real jack-@$$ and ruin the game by refusing to play a stop card. I REALLY hate that game.

I'm no big fan of Aquarius, or the Dungeonscape card games. Monopoly, Risk, and the more "standard" board games leave me pretty cold too.

HI i need help i dont kno where to type in your horse codes can someone help me

For me it is a toss up between axis & allies, and risk. I just love the fact that i can play to take over the world... :)

Dark Archive

Completely into Axis & Allies. Best board game ever.

I selected Scrabble, along with Axis and Allies, Settlers of Catan, and other (including Risk in its various incarnations, as well as Hera and Zeus... if the latter qualifies as a boardgame).

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