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Relics of War Week 2 Contest Winners

Hello everybody. Week 2 of the Relics of War “Design an Item” contest is now closed, which means the release of the set is one week closer. This week, the item was on old rusted ring, with a fiery red gemstone mounted on it face. We got a lot of great submissions for this week and it was tricky narrowing down. In the end, Scott & Le Janke’s entry proved to be the winner. While we had imagined a lot of ideas based around rusting powers, we never foresaw one dealing with preventing tetanus. Scott & Le Janke will receive 1 display box of Relics of War booster packs when the set releases in late November.

We have another honorable mention this week to give out. Plantling’s Ring of Unmaking was tied to a good piece of fiction and had some interesting powers. On behalf of the contest team, I would like to thank all of this week’s participants and I look forward to seeing all of your entries for week 3. As Halloween is right around the corner, we thought this would be a good week to put up one of the more horrifying pieces from the set, the Demonhide Armor.

All of the entries for weeks 1 and 2 can be found on our messageboards at, along with the submission and discussion threads for week 3.

Jason Bulmahn
Item Card Lead Designer

WEEK 2 Winner – Scott & Le Janke
Dungeons and Dragons 3.5

“Sometimes a rusty nail is just a rusty nail,” said the dwarf sniffing at the tiny puncture in Orjan’s foot. He dropped the appendage and a yellow puss splashed onto the table. Orjan winced but the dwarf ignored it pulling the heavy axe from his belt. “Other times, it is your death.” The dwarf dropped the axe before Orjan could even register that he’d raised it. The blade cut cleanly through the bone and muscle ending Orjan’s leg just below the knee. “Here, this will help to save the rest of it.” The dwarf slipped a yellow rock into his unconcious patient’s palm. Orjan’s eyes had rolled up into his head and he fell back against the table, unconscious.

Orjan was not the first to create the gems that bore his name, but he was free with the ones he did create as he roamed about the country side, healing the sick or the wounded. Orjan’s Amber--as it came to be known--always has some part of a blood sucking insect inside. When worn, the amber draws diseases, infection and other destructive mediums from the wearer’s blood granting a +4 luck bonus to resist disease, infection, and poison. After successfully preventing such an infection, Orjan’s Amber takes on a slightly red hue and loses this ability. Removing the jewelry for a week returns its original color and restores its ability.

Orjan was fond of placing the gems in jewelry that was tarnished as a reminder. “An ounce of prevention,” he would say tapping his cane against the wooden stick where his leg once was, “is worth a pound of cures.”

Moderate conjuration (healing); Caster Level 7th; Craft Wondrous Item; remove disease, neutralize poison; Price 7500 gp.

WEEK 2 Honorable Mention - Plantling
Ring of Unmaking (Dungeons and Dragons)

Lady Jasper arrived at the home of Obel Wendig, fully expecting this meeting to go poorly. She had no doubt that he would deny all accusations she made against him, and would simply send her on her way. But in case he tried anything, she thought, she had better bring her driver, Arturo, along. The man who parked the carriage and tied down the horses was handsome in a rough and unmannered way, but the way he kept staring at her, even after she took Arturo’s arm to be led inside left her unsettled.

As expected, the meeting was a bust and she left so angry she paid no mind to the hostler as he helped her into her carriage. It was only later, while lying bleeding in the mud, the shrieking of the wounded horses drowning out the sound of her own crying, that she would recall the ring he wore on the hand that he offered her. Normally, the sight of any kind of valuable on a servant would have her checking her own jewels, but she had been too flustered to bother. And now, as she cradled Arturo’s head in her lap, his lifeless eyes staring up at the darkening sky, she vowed never again to trust a man based on his nobility. And to never let a servant touch her again.

This bedraggled piece of jewelry is a boon to both those who revel in chaos and those who plot meticulously for the downfall of their enemies. It grants the wearer a +5 competence bonus on disable device checks and also allows the use of the shatter spell once per day, but only to break an object that the wearer touches.

Faint transmutation, evocation; CL 5th; Forge Ring, shatter, creater must have at least 5 ranks in disable device; Price 4500 gp.

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