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and drug enforcement is big business making

Shadow Lodge

small and medium business feel inadequate at

providing quality and high volume sin-sational services

and junk. Starting from the top down

Simultaneously from the bottom, up for an

entirely thorough investigation, the Hunan Resources Branch

ordered out for Mexican food. When it

became apparent that the Mexican Restaurant was

a front for sparkley vampires and ponies

Shadow Lodge

. which were the leading cause of tubercolosis

with attitude, a dangerous combination that would

lead to explosive diarrhea and eventual sleep.

Top campaign funders demand immediate action on

cats caught in trees. This hot-button

Shadow Lodge

was too hot to press, causing problems

with smoke detectors in random locations throughout

the "Catatorium". The cats and politicians evolved

slinking around in the shadows, mating without

provocation, and smoking a load of catnip.

Though never inhaling, as that would be

against County Code 476b: All cats must

be walked on a leash and shedding

fur in a 10-yard radius on

command. Greedily watching from the shadows was

Smellabob, the Lord of all Hobos, who

was immune to his own smell. The

smellahobos a subgroup of murderhobos, that kill

just about anything for two copper pieces,

were a ravenous lot. Putting to shame

even the Legion of Murderous Murderers, who

were endlessly sucking up to William, the

conqueror of the seven exalted holy lands!

(Said lands were not as holy as

professional licensing would make them said to

be.) William was busy trying to find

the end of the rainbow because you

can find many things there, such as:

Sock monsters, goat balm, marbles, loose screws,

goats-that-were-touched, bits of string,

and a swanky piñata shaped like a(n)

Avacado. Alas William would fail to discover

the drunk leprechaun at the end of

the long and windy road, because he

took a wrong turn and ended up

In rainbow town, home of really short

halflings. Roger the Redcap was mayor of

Really Short Halflington, and he was knowm

for his shortbread recipe. Using a little

fungus, black mold, sugar and corn meal

, Roger's confection could slay even the mightiest

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