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Scarab Sages

and preventing Kate Upton from tanning properly.

Shadow Lodge

This greatly upset the newly founded order

of Perfect Tan Lines, which planned to

Scarab Sages

use the ever sexy Kate and friends

to promote the new GoatToucher-subsidized product

With the slogan teats, better than t$!!

Shadow Lodge

people wondered what all the symbols meant

It means one word has been censored

but then this happened. The biggest smelliest

censor bar ever descended upon the most

Shadow Lodge

biggest smelliest genitals the world had ever seen

just in time to prevent children from

Liberty's Edge

indulging themselves in the greatest vice: Corn and

High on fructose corn syrup, snot nose

punks! "This can never stand!" shouted the

Shadow Lodge

the construction worker near the unstable tower on

The Island of Dread. The punks however

continued to destabilize the tower until it

Toppled over as the gang shouted "Jenga!"

Shadow Lodge

, their terrifying battle cry that put fear

into the residents of a nearby town

Scarab Sages

and scattered several herds of wild, mutant

toddlers with boogery noses and wet pants.

The bleating of the toddlers drew GoatToucher,

Scarab Sages

Lord of the Gnarled Shoes, out from

his workroom for but a minute, before

his shrew wife screeched at him to

Not forget his Vicks Vape o rub

, which GoatToucher needed to apply to his

Chesticles, a wide swath of bodily territory

covered in wire-like hair and dangly

Dingle berries. GoatToucher went to the gym,

the owner was his former "client" and

a recipient of the Nobel Prize for

Shadow Lodge

extreme hardcore squats, jumping jacks and pushups

Scarab Sages

on a bed of flaming, poisoned spikes.

Though he has now cross trained into

exercising on non-poisoned spikes too, which means

a restful nights sleep without counting sheep.

A pod of clowns infiltrated the gym

to search for the Legendary Sword of

Costco, famous for cutting prices on bulky

beds and for bearing the logo of

Shadow Lodge

the Costco imperium's navy and air force

which featured a gold coin rolling into

A ring for Cuban cigars and a

Scarab Sages

rabid kangaroo wielding the deadly Blade of

Blunted dreams of the blunt smokers, where

pot is never legalized, because it is

Shadow Lodge

what they use to cook soup in

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