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(Doing his best not to read other posts since he DMs AoW but plays in Savage Tide...)
I don't know if we've been extraordinarily lucky since our DM does all open dice rolling, but so far we haven't had any deaths, at least until our recent first:

Name: Willard Styles, a.k.a. Skankrat
Occupation: Chaotic Gnome Beguiler/Assassin, Arsonist
Cause of death: Glowing, unstoppable ball of evil death known as the Will o' the Wisp.

After exploring Tamoachan (Which to the DMs chagrin I was calling Ta-Nacho-land...never taunt your DM)we were surprised by the deadliness of the place. Something nasty in every room, and a timeclock to do it all in one day. Poor Willard... The DM run character had already been turned to stone by the basilisk (restored by Urol, who's about to be tied to the mast of the ship, the party blames him for leading them to 'Deathtrap Dungeon')before failing to find the Wall of Fire trap. We ended up fighting the Will o the Wisp at the same time (He's immune to the Wall, I believe), who could not be hurt and hit us everytime... I was playing the Dwarf Wizard, who thought it would be cool to be an enchanter. Guess what spell I didn't have? Magic Missle! We got some lucky hits (AC 29 on CR 6?) in as we ran from the hideous thing, but the glowing ball of death ended up weakening Willard enough that the reset of the Wall of Fire got him...
Besides this, I almost died last session after getting grappled by the Flotsam Ooze. If the DM had rolled any higher than snake eyes on the auto-slam, I would have gone to -11. Quote of that fight "It's still alive?? How much damage have we done to that thing??" Blue Slaad was near TPK as well.
I think the path is pretty tough so far, though not as deadly as some of the Age of Worm modules. I'm still sure something will be coming up as that's as horrific as 'Three Faces of Evil' or 'Hall of Harsh Reflections'...

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Ankiseth Jyvar CG Human Rogue 2
Where: Empty Warehouse in Sasserine (There is no Honor)

How: In shoot out with merc mage hired by the Lotus Dragons
Catalyst: PC barging in headlong over their heads, PC battling a mage empty handed with less than 5 HP.

The group had captured the Lotus Dragon guildmistress but lost one of their companions when they fled. They arranged for a swap, and the lotus Dragon's only 4 remaining members hired a merc mage for some firepower. They had plenty of money as the party left most of the loot in the guild untouched. 5 lvl 3 PC's vrs 2 lvl 2 rogues, 2 lvl 1 rogues, the worg and a mage 4. when things were going badly the merc mage decided to sit back and stop fighting. The rogue chased after him so he unleashed his last spell. the PC took a shocking grasp to the face for 4d6 and went down smoking.

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Alek Sunstar (LG) Human Cleric 3
Where: Kraken Cove
How: Disemboweled by Gutripper the twisted velocaraptor
Catalyst: Provoked an AoO. Forgot that Gutripper went next in the init order.

PC Cleric was wounded and moved up to flank the dinosaur. provoked an AoO and took some damage. He neglected to use his swift healing burst despite being at 1 hp. Since he had drawn its attention, he took 2 claws and a bite dropping him to -15. The Dino was put down in the next set of actions but it was far too late.

PC: Sven-toth, Black Dragon 3
Adventure: The Bullywug Gambit
Location: The Hall of Hanging Silks
Catalyst: Ripclaw
Though none could say the dragon hatchling was the glue that held the party together, Sventoth (more often called Scrappy by his fellow PCs) had his useful moments. He prided himself on being extremely hard to hit. Once arriving at Kraken's Cove, that began to change. First, he was assaulted on the beach by a savage pirate, contracting the same disease that afflicted his attacker. Then, in the Hall of Hanging Silks, Ripclaw saved him a lot of grief and killed him in a single, powerful attack. Alas, he died at the tender age of 16 days.

PC: Mel, Human Cleric of Kord 3
Adventure: The Bullywug Gambit
Location: The Hall of Hanging Silks
Catalyst: Ripclaw, and some concerned adventurers
Unlike his little dragon friend, Mel survived Ripclaw's attacks, barely. He was dropped to -3 by Ripclaw's death throes and stabilized by Willaby, the gnome warmage. At this point, the three remaining PCs began to argue over whether or not to kill Mel. Like Sven-toth, he'd been bitten (several times), and Orin the scout and Ariana the ranger were concerned that he would eventually become Savage. Willaby insisted they shouldn't give up on him. While Ariana and Willaby fought over the remaining heal potion, Orin finished off Mel. In the end, neither Orin nor Ariana were able to convince Willaby that it was the right thing to do.

PC: Orin Tilak, Human Scout 4
Adventure: The Bullywug Gambit
Location: Vanderboren Manor, Master Bedroom
Catalyst: Drevoraz
Always quick on his feet, Orin was the first one to enter the bedroom after Lavinia managed to escape from Drevoraz. His first attacked hit Bua Gorg, distracting the bullywug cleric from his casting. Unfortunately, Drevoraz moved in on him and cut him down with a devastating blow from his scimitar. He is deeply mourned by his fellow adventurers, and Lavinia insisted on paying for his funereal arrangements. He left behind him a journal of love poetry devoted to a maid named Lucerine, who had recently become engaged to one of Orin's rivals.

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Week-end time !!!

and updated death toll :

- 1st adventure (TINH) : 37 PCs / 4 NPCs-familiars-animals

- 2nd adventure (TBG) : 15 PCs

- sidetrek before 3rd adventure : 2 PC

- 3rd adventure (WOTSW) : 11 PCs / 1 NPC-familiar-animal

- 4th adventure (HTBM) : 1 PC / 1 NPC-familiar-animal

- 5th adventure (ToD) : none (yet)

Silenttimo, how do you sleep at night?? :S
Just started the STAP, the PCs are in the Vanderboren home, Lavinia has just announched her proposal, so there may be a post here soon. That Raghonnsa seems to be killing people off a lot.

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Orcmonk89 wrote:
Silenttimo, how do you sleep at night?? :S

Hi, I sleep very well indeed, thanks !

However, I am from France (I am a damn' froggy !), so, time was around 11 a.m when I wrote that post !!

First Real PC death in the adventure path tonight.

Name: Buju Zion
Race/Class: Xeph Fighter 3 SwordSage 3
Cause of death: The horrific nightmare known as Journey's End

I don't want to reveal too much, but let's just say that Journey's End (Sea Wyvern's Wake) is a horrifying masterpiece of game engineering. As a PC I've never truly empathized with my character (Dwarven Wizard 6) until after the first attack, when after being brought to -8 and barely getting free of the assassin weed's grip by its death, my character climbed into the crow's nest and refused to come down for half an hour, and when the sailors took up the cry of "Journey's end...we're doomed," I joined their chants. Took some good roleplaying to get me down...
Anyways, since we didn't want to walk on the algae considering the horrors beneath, we had one trained Dire Bat that had survived the journey. We took turns riding it to the first ship, the Rage I believe. More horrors awaited with their nasty ability to animate the plants, and due to the lag in arriving, it was two on three. The vines wrapped themselves around the neck of a strangled Buju who had long ago been cursed by a mummy (Tanoachan) and had difficulty healing any wounds. While all three vines were killed, the sargasso claimed another victinm.
Horrifyingly enough, we haven't even fought with the Horrors yet, only their animated minions...which means we're fighting the minions of minions, and losing. Horrific. I love it!

PC: Orba (CG female human barbarian 5)
Adventure: Sea Wyvern's Wake
Location of Death: In the port of Fort Blackwell
Catalyst: an elder red cap

Long Description: The party was out in town drinking in the Green Man. They came back late at night just to get some eldritch rocks on their heads. They finished off the two younger red caps very easily, but the third one was more than their equal. The evil fey's scythe cut deep in their flesh and its damage reduction was too high to efficiently hit it. Its high reflex save allowed it to evade those fireballs and some lucky rolls on will saves convinced the beguiler of the creatures "immunity" to his spells. It was a horrible long fight ending with the barbarian getting slaughtered, afterwards the red cap escaped into the night.

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Few deaths this week-end...
How is everyone ??

- 1st adventure (TINH) : 37 PCs / 4 NPCs-familiars-animals

- 2nd adventure (TBG) : 15 PCs

- sidetrek before 3rd adventure : 2 PCs

- 3rd adventure (SWW) : 13 PCs / 1 NPC-familiar-animal

- 4th adventure (HTBM) : 1 PC / 1 NPC-familiar-animal

- 5th adventure (ToD) : none (yet)

silenttimo wrote:

Few deaths this week-end...

How is everyone ??

Probably the amount of gaming going on has dropped off dramatically with the holiday season. Thats certianly what happened in my group.

First death for my group since the Bullywug Gambit, and first reported death for Tides of Dread:

PC: Grael (a.k.a. "Chalice"), Half-Dragon Halfling Barbarian 3/Fighter 2/Occult Slayer 1
Adventure: Tides of Dread
Location of Death: Outside the Temple of the Jaguar
Catalyst: A gargantuan emerald anaconda with improved grab and constrict.

Hearing rumors of a large cache of weapons forged by the rakastas, Grael and his companions made for the temple to secure the weapons for Farshore's defense. Unfortunately, as they approached the runied ziggurat, they did not spot the enormous camouflaged snake perched on the ledge above the entrance. Leading the way, Grael was caught by surprise as the anaconda grabbed him in its jaws. Since he was flat-footed, he was unable to use his Close-Quarters Fighting feat to counter the grapple, and was sson being crushed to death in the snake's coils. His allies tried to come to his aid, but a lack of ranged support forced them to arrive too late. The giant snake quickly squeezed the life out of poor Grael, though the others put it down before it could do more harm.

Grael's body was brought back to Farshore, where the Jade Raven's druid Kaskus Kiel reincarnated him. He is now a half-dragon elf. This was the PC's second death, and the third total of the campaign.

I have taken great pains not to read anything on the Savage Tide since I am a player in this Path. However, I saw this title and thought it is my duty to report a few untimely passings:

1) Vulgare - Loud-mouthed drunk whos M.O. is revenge. He was stoned, then consumed, by a Basilisk in its cave. His tombstone on his empty grave would have read "He died the way he lived."

2) Tiller - A family man and holy soldier who's strength was guile and tactics. Wasn't much for small talk, but in fairness, never really lived long enough to engage in full-blown conversation. He took the initiative to go overboard to help stabilize cargo buckets from the shallow lake during port. With no warning, he was summarily ripped limb from limb by a Hydra.

These deaths are both my characters and on subsequent game nights. My new character is a fighter/sorcerer/cleric of Pelor(Action and Adventure domains) named Ethan Falcon. He might make it 2 or 3 game nights before he's off'd too! :)

Brainiac wrote:
Since he was flat-footed, he was unable to use his Close-Quarters Fighting feat to counter the grapple, and was sson being crushed to death in the snake's coils.

Did he not also have Combat Reflexes? Because if he did, that feat allows you to make an Attack of Opportunity even if you are flat-footed.

Go snakes! People don't fear these enough anymore. Pity the poor python :(

Schmoe wrote:
Did he not also have Combat Reflexes? Because if he did, that feat allows you to make an Attack of Opportunity even if you are flat-footed.

Unfortunately, no. Perhaps he'll pick that up the next time he gains access to a feat. :)

Scarab Sages

Another Druid Companion bites the dust, or weed I should say.

Yogi Black Bear
SWW- Journey's End

Vine horrors eerie outsiders chant and attack from assassin vines dispatch the loving furball. Although he was healed once after being brought near death, a critical strike ended his eventful life.

NPC: Avner Merivanchi (and horse)
Adventure: HTBM
Location of Death: Teonahwani's Repose, in the Dark Mountain Pass
Catalyst: floor spear trap

The party fled in here from the mummies; the trap activated when Tavey jumped atop the sarcophagus, irrepressible lad that he is. The results were *really* ugly (some nauseated gagging, followed by a cry of "Cool!").

Character: Captain LiktikToolik Level 8 Binder
Adventure: HTBM
Catalyst: One crazy gargoyle and a trip 20

Well, I had posted on here a while back about losing our captain (Valu) in a previous horrible situation. Well this character, my character, was the last surviving original party member, but so much for that! We roll up in the mountains and get attacked by the gargoyle troupe. The main guy (not sure of name) gets right up in my face and I challenge him, knowing I can take him. Well in a horrible set of circumstaces my DM rolls a triple 20 on me, and that was all she wrote for Captain Toolik. I remained in a state of shock for over an hour, since we all agreed that, due to the fact that the Binder is purely overpowered, I would have no more problems. Oh well, things like this just happen I guess...

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Our deaths so far Skank Rat 5/1 beguiler assassin killed by the willo the wisp and fire trap in (Tamoachan)Sea Wyverns Wake. Then Buju Zion Xeph FighterSwordsage 3/3 Journeys end by Assassin Vine in the Rage. Then Mohammand El San D la Vega monk 5th lvl Vine Horrors in the 2 lepoards in There is no Honor, 3 dire bats in Sea Wyverns Wake.

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Been a while since I lost anyone...

PC: Ancelynne (female human duskblade 8)
Adventure: Here There Be Monsters
Location: Shrine to Demogorgon
Cause Of Death: A hot Lemorian Golem

Moments after Olangru was finally defeated, the Lemorian Golem flickered into horrible life. The battle was fierce, bringing the party's Goliath Warblade to negative hit points TWICE. With things looking grim, Ancelynne took a desperate gamble, attempting to bull rush the Golem into the fiery pit. Luck was with her, and the Golem tumbled into the pit. It survived the inferno, albeit with only two hit points remaining, and lashed out one final time, grappling and pulling the Duskblade into the inferno with it. The two perished together.

Even as I type this, the Cleric has just reached 9th level and is screaming "I can bring her back! Everyone, give me all of the diamonds we've found! And a hammer!"

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Update :

- 1st adventure (TINH) : 37 PCs / 6 NPCs-familiars-animals

- 2nd adventure (TBG) : 15 PCs

- sidetrek before 3rd adventure : 2 PCs

- 3rd adventure (SWW) : 17 PCs / 5 NPCs-familiars-animals

- 4th adventure (HTBM) : 3 PCs / 2 NPCs-familiars-animals
(not counting Avner's horse)

- 5th adventure (ToD) : 1 PC

in " here there be monsters"
we lost Tevey Nesk to a giant centipede
Urol Furol Died when the party was surrounded by mummies
Our fighter/Priest Was also killed by a mummy.

Vastiago Calibre (Id) (wizard 3, shadowcaster 1)
Ruins of Tamoachan (Xochiquetzal's chamber)
The Sea Wyvern's Wake

The stupid adventure designer threw in a stupid gibbering mouther that made our stupid ranger within insanely stupid bow skills confused from it's gibbering and the stupid ranger shot four arrows into my back. He triple killed me as I was human and his favored enemy.

Stupid arrows. :[

Savaun Blackhawk wrote:

Vastiago Calibre (Id) (wizard 3, shadowcaster 1)

Ruins of Tamoachan (Xochiquetzal's chamber)
The Sea Wyvern's Wake
The stupid adventure designer threw in a stupid gibbering mouther that made our stupid ranger within insanely stupid bow skills confused from it's gibbering and the stupid ranger shot four arrows into my back. He triple killed me as I was human and his favored enemy.
Stupid arrows. :[

Oh no! Id was one of my favorites from the campaign journals. Rest in peace, Id.

El Skootro


Yeah, we're all (his gaming group) going to miss Id. He was a really fun character. But Rob is a great role-player and I'm sure his new dwarven cleric will be just as fun :)

Dark Archive

No not Vastiago!!!!!!!!!! He was by far my favorite character in any of the campaign journals on this site. His character will be missed. I look forward to reading about the Dwarf Cleric, but Vastiago's personality will be hard to top.


Hellbred Paladin 5
Name: Nylan
Catalyst: Vine Horrors + Assassin Vine
Adventure: Sea Wyvern's Wake

During the first night in the Sargasso, the paladin (currently being run by me as his player was here for only 1 adventure) goes above in no armor, gets whacked by the vine horror to low HP.

The assassin vine next to him on the side of the Wyvern lashes out, max dmg on the slam, near max damage on constrict, unconscious paladin. Next round, dead paly at -16 or so.

-the hamster

I had three of the four party members die in the LAST ROOM of the Lotus Dragon hideout.

Names/class: Gart(Half-elf Fighter2), Jack "Jakey" Jackson(Human Rogue1/Swashbuckler1), Oskar(Dwarf cleric 2)
Area: Easternmost cave of the Lotus Dragon guild
Catalyst: Vicious Rhagodessas

Having managed to kill every thief in the base, as well as trounce Rowyn and Gut Tugger, the group checked the map and realized that there was only a single area left unexplored: the easternmost caverns. They walked up to the area and spotted three pony-sized spiders. Opting not to back down on a fight, the group stood their ground but were basically torn to pieces one by one by the terrible jaws of the rhagos. One party member, a warforged artificer, managed to bolt early enough to make his escape, though the dwarven cleric was snatched before he could get far. The warforged swore off the life of adventuring forever, instead using his ample share of the loot to start up his own crafting shop in the Noble's District.


Falchieyan wrote:
I The warforged swore off the life of adventuring forever, instead using his ample share of the loot to start up his own crafting shop in the Noble's District.

LOL. Oh, that's too precious! And you know what? An encounter with them nasty bastages is enough to scare most adventurers into a safer career path. :) Cool.

Steve Greer wrote:
LOL. Oh, that's too precious! And you know what? An encounter with them nasty bastages is enough to scare most adventurers into a safer career path. :) Cool.

I think its decision to change careers came even earlier than the spider-monsters, as I had one of the target dummies in the Training Room area as a hollowed-out warforged torso. It didn't take too kindly to that.

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So, who died lately ??

update of obituaries :

- 1st adventure (TINH) : 40 PCs / 6 NPCs-familiars-animals

- 2nd adventure (TBG) : 15 PCs

- sidetrek before 3rd adventure : 2 PCs

- 3rd adventure (SWW) : 19 PCs / 5 NPCs-familiars-animals

- 4th adventure (HTBM) : 4 PCs / 4 NPCs-familiars-animals
(not counting Avner's horse)

- 5th adventure (ToD) : 1 PC

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Just had our first session. Unfortunately we must now mourn the passing of Reih Teoke, Olamn Dragon Shaman who was bleeding out from pirate wounds when the Rhagodessa was released, and Thrasymachus, Cleric of Wee Jas and member of the Scarlet Brotherhood who got too close to the same Rhagodessa while trying to loot her body.

Nearly identical characters were brought in to replace them.

Who: Tomas Azar, Human Sorceror 6, Frost Mage 3.
Where: Demogorgon's Shrine in HtbM.
How: A charging, power attacking monkey named Olangru.

The PCs knew what they were getting into, but they underestimated Olangru's willingness to take hits as he charged about the room. After the Ice Troll fighter took a fair amount of abuse, Olangru sped away after the sorceror, who's incredible mastery of cold chilled him even despite his resistance. Olangru counted on his skill in combat and the sorceror's presumably light defenses, so he leapt at him with all his might and force. Tomas' life ended right then and there, but a frantic dash by the aventi druid through the pit of flame followed by a hurried casting of last breath, using the Ice Troll's own freshly spilled blood as a component, pulled Tomas back from the realm of the dead.

Technically a death, even if he was raised a round later.

Name: "Captain" Bukta One-Eye
Race: Red Mountain Orc
Class: Fighter/4, Barbarian/1
Area: Sea Wyvern's Wake
Catalyst: The "real" Journey's End (aka a veritable forest of deadly jaws known as the legendary HYDRA)

On a beautiful morning at the mouth of the Atikula River, an idyllic locale in the tropics with a glimmering waterfall generating scores of rainbows, the convoy stops to fill barrels with fresh river water. "But... We don't really *need* fresh water", mumbles the cleric. Bravely bold, the Captain and Big Mikko row out to fill the first barrels. Sun Li and Tavey are not far behind.

Death cast it's shadow quickly over the group in a spray of water soon to turn red.

Big Mikko and Tavey, born to water as they were, quickly dashed away, Big Mikko drawing most of the monster's wrath. Sun Li stumbled (and she never stumbles); She did not get up after a forest of jaws descended. The Captain, knowing their plight plunged into the clear water and tried to swim under the beast. Unfortunately, the beast was in it's natural environment and the orc... Well, he was not. It was telling that the rest of the group survived while he did not - It took a critical strike to lay him low in the end.

Oh yes, some heroics were in order to save the monk and the rest of the crew to be sure. But we will always remember the strong-limbed orc with a gruff demeanor covering a heart of gold. I will keep his hats with me always in his honor and may I wear them when one day, Ocean willing, I too am called "Captain".

~Tavey (penned by Flynn T.)

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there is also that death (in SWW) :

[url] ySinkingOfPuritysProw[/url]

and it's so funny (to me) !!

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UP !

a close call (and dice fudged from me, because the death was not deserved !) in Kraken's cove (room of hanging silk).

However, the PC is infected with savage fever !


Character: Joe the paladin of Zilchus
Adventure:The Sea Wyvern's Wake
Location: The captain's cabin of the Rage in the Sargasso.

Joe and the others entered the cabin and spotted the Captain's log, which was exactly what they were lookinng for. The floorboards buckled and it dropped into the gaping hole in the floor. Joe dived in to keep it from being lost. The vine horrors begin attacking him unmercifully and the seaweed around the ship was animated to attack the rest of the party. The sorcerer cast rainbow beam which hit the 3 vine horrors, but also hit Joe (despite cover bonuses for standing in the 5-ft. deep hole and a prayer spell bonus) who failed his save. The damage from the spell was exactly enough to reduce him to -10. Dead.

May he rest in peace.

The Exchange

Steve Greer wrote:

Character: Joe the paladin of Zilchus

Adventure:The Sea Wyvern's Wake
Location: The captain's cabin of the Rage in the Sargasso.


He deserved it. What kinda name is Joe for a fantasy Paladin?!?! He should have died after the writing of "Joe" under his name on the character sheet.


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and what kind of paladin would be devoted to Zilchus, god of money & business ?

"By keeping ALL that money, I revere and pray my god Zilchus : may he make happen that those gold pieces find friends in the coming days... !"



Oh, you guys are cruel. Go ahead and twist the dagger some more. ;)

Scout, 7th level Warforged Ranger
Adventure: HTBM

Synopsis: Main fighter swam out to the wreckage of the Sea Wyvern to look for survivors... T-Rex decided to check out the beach for a snack. Warforged don't taste very good, but they still move and look like a good thing to swallow whole! The party and the surviving NPC's managed to knock the big thunder lizard down to 40HP forcing him into the jungle to get an easier meal. The warforged couldn't cut free in time for the magical -10HP death! T-Rex needed Pepto-Bismol and Prep-H after that meal, though.

Our first loss.


Torrin wrote:
T-Rex needed Pepto-Bismol and Prep-H after that meal, though.

LOL. Yeah, that's going to hurt coming out. Ouch!

Torrin wrote:
T-Rex decided to check out the beach for a snack ... Our first loss.

We had our first loss at the same place you did. The party's scout is standing ahead of the group on the beach while the rogue, cleric and monk proceed to poke around the wreckage. Drawn by the smell of some dead crewmen, their bodies broken on the rocks around the beach, the T-Rex emerged from the jungle. Due to some poor initiative on behalf of the party, the Rex went first and charged the closest target: the scout. Once grappled, it was only a matter of rounds before he was swallowed (+30 to grapple...yikes!) and subsequently killed.

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Up for the w-e to come !!

Nerull is expecting new souls & bodies...

Name: Hunter
Race: Female Half-elf
Class: Ranger 4
Area: Vanderboren estate's master bedroom
Catalyst: "The Bullywug Gambit". Entering melee with Drevoraz Kabran for 6 seconds :)

After storming into the bedroom and throwing down their weapons when confronted with Drevoraz holding a blade to Lavinia's neck, Bua Gorg didn't like where the conversation was heading. Summoning two large fiendish vipers, he began the combat with a scream to praise Dagon.

The group's rogue, Ranzo, decided he'd attempt a sneak attack on the flat footed Drevoraz. He missed, and then Drevoraz returned the favor, hitting poor Ranzo for 16 damage in a single blow. Ranzo wisely withdrew, only to be replaced by the ever menacing Hunter. Next turn Hunter missed both her attacks, only to be hit in return by both of Drevoraz's swings, one being a critical. 39 damage later, Hunter's guts were spilled on the floor at her feet, and her head rested under the large bed in the corner.

Rest in pieces Hunter :)


Three deaths to report this weekend, nearly a TPK, actually. I got a little generous with the players. I must be getting soft in my old age :\

First death:
Character Name: Tormos, human warlock
Adventure: The Sea Wyvern's Wake
Location: The lower decks of The Thunderer
Catalyst: The crushing embrace of a pile of animated seaweed
DM's Description: This was the character of my newest player, Don. He had decided he didn't care to keep running Tormos and wanted to bring in a new character. I was more than happy to accomodate him since his character wasn't breaking that grapple anyway. In about 3 rounds Tormos was crushed to death.

Second death:
Character Name: Sareena, halfling rogue
Adventure: The Sea Wyvern's Wake
Location: The cargo hold of The Thunderer
Catalyst: Multiple bites and claw attacks from the Mother of All
DM's Description: When the Mother of All used her transport via plants ability to appear at the top of the Birthing Maw, Sareena took a good smacking and retreated with one of the other PCs into the main hold. The Mother of All followed the two and basically cornered them. Even going on total defense and trying to escape through the door to the hold at the ship's fore, the creature bit her for 16 points damage and she only had 1 hp.

Third death:
Character Name: Larthrus, human ranger (Don's new character)
Adventure: The Sea Wyvern's Wake
Location: Bottom of the Birthing Maw in The Thunderer
Catalyst: A long fall into vine horror infested water.
DM's Description: Larthrus was at the very edge of the Birthing Maw being grappled by an animated pile of seaweed when the stuff was destroyed. Dropping to the slippery deck, Tormos failed a Reflex save to avoid falling over the edge and plummeted 100 feet to the water below. The fall didn't kill him, but the newly spawned vine horrors that the Mother of All left behind to keep him company while she slaughtered the other "outsiders" up top did. He is somewhere at the bottom of the Pearl Sea being nibbled on by crabs and fish at this point.

Sareena was later brought back by a raise dead spell from an item they found earlier in the campaign. Don is bringing in a new character next week, dipping into the dwindling stores of crewmen picked up in Renkrue waiting to become adventurers ;).

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killed in the Dark mountain pass. Dazimier Demonweb, Drow hexblade killed be the spear trap. hit by 4 spears and failed poison saves, oh well he was going to die of mummy rot anyway.

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Also Killed, was the gnoll ranger Gromnok killed by a T Rex ....Crunch....... yummy yumm yumms...killed outside of dark mountain pass.

Character Name: Jhan, Truedive Shifter Barbarian 2/Ranger 2
Adventure: Bullywug Gambit
Location: Just off shore near Karken's Cove
Catalyst: Death bite of a Large Savage Shark he'd just killed (but really greed).

Our first death, but considering the number of times this character has been into negatives I'm surprised he lasted this long.

Jhan a Truedive Shifter Barbarian 2/Ranger 2, during the first part of Bullywug Gambit the party rested so it made little sense of Javell to still be holed-up, she would either be dead or have defeated her opponents and be making her way out.

They encountered Javell fighting a savage pirate and Brissa Santos in the room with the prisoners, they dispatched the pair of savage creatures, but then the prisoners (stealing an idea form Alien:Resurrection) turned on each other and used the acid from the corpse of two of them to dissolve the cage bars, breaking free. Javell and the party then fought together to defeat these creatures. Once the area was safe again, and the 'diplomacy' over Javell took her leave and three out of the five party decided to make greatest haste to Sasserine to save Lavinia, two however wanted to search the caves Javell had come from for more pirate booty (luckily Javell was not around to her herself referred to like that).

"So the party split...." (I think I've lost count of the number of PC deaths that start with that phrase).

By the time the two looters had returned to the beach outside of the cove, the others had rowed out to the Sea Wyvern where a skeleton crew had made her ready to sail. They signalled to the boat, and the Darlin (the cleric) took a row boat to pick them up. It was at this point they decided to start swimming towards it.... through a cove full of savage marine life...

They had encountered a Large Savage Shark last time they had ventured into the water, and sure enough the blood soaked flailing swimmers attracted another. When the row boat was halfway to shore, a cry from the crows nest alerted them to a fin in the water. The fighter hadn't got far from shore and swam back, the truedive shifter however had got to the row boat, and was climbing in just as the shark charged it and over turned it dumping him and cleric into the water.

The shifter and cleric fought bravely, one with his longspear and the shifter using his elite shifting ability to fight without penalty using a his magical greatsword. With a almighty blow the shifter stabbed his sword down into the brain of the beast (critical!), but with it's death throes the beast sunk its massive jaws into the shifter in return (critical!). The shifter went limp and the cleric dragged his body to the Sea Wyvern while the fighter made Olympic efforts to swim to the boat before any more sharks turned up.

The shifter was on -11 hp at this point, and so the player started rolling up a new character, he got really good rolls and so wasn't too distraught at the loss of his character, especially in such a dramatic fashion, meanwhile the adventure continued, with the four remaining party members running through Sasserine to clear out the Bullywugs which they did in short order, running straight in the hall and killing the sentries in the surprise round, then up the stairs to the top.

We finish the session, and the adventure the player still undecided what he intends to play, and then he goes....

"You know I forgot to add in the hit points I had for being Shifted at +2 Con, so 4 hit points. I shouldn't be dead."

The cleric then pipes up... "Real shame, I buried you at sea then on the way back to Sasserine."

So we had our first PC death last night, in There Is No Honour.

The party where finishing clearing out the Lotus Dragon Hideout and where getting a bit cocky. The partys scout entered the room with all the sparring dummies, paid them no heed and proceeded to check out the other door.

The rest of the party files in the room, again completely ignoring the dolls, the cleric positions himself between 3 of the disguised rogues, and behold 3 sneak attacks and one of the a crit later, we had on very pierced, and quite dead, cleric.

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