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Laurefindel wrote:

Not so much a rant as a series of rough weeks...

I work in a medium-size theatre on a university campus. Our programming is about 50% of our own series and 50% community events including university lectures, drama productions etc.

Friday October 1st 2010

8 am: Get to work a bit earlier than usual. Big day ahead; world music series season-opener with a band from Portugal. They have their own lighting designer/operator, so I'm not likely to be behind the light-board today. It means however that I'll have to work extra hard to give them what they want, as I know from their technical rider that we don't own half of what they requested. That's cool and they about it since I did all the advance with their manager, but it will mean a lot of on-site adaptation.

On my way in, I notice the river is rather high - it has been raining hard with the remnants of hurricane I-can't-remember-who.

9 am: Ear on radio that local authorities are watching water level closely and put flood areas on high alert. *gasp* the campus (and its theatre) is situated at the junction of two rivers. For sure, water will seep through the basement, which means that I won't be able to disable the sump pump for the show. It will make noise. The sound engineer isn't going to be happy about it...

10 am: Band arrives. We start setting-up. Streets in the lower part of town start to flood. We warn the band that the show may start late as some streets are likely to be closed tonight.

noon: Police close the street linking town with theatre. That ain't good. Still, we proceed with show. Students are going nuts! Those who wade across are wet to their thighs. Shorter ones have water to their waist. I haven't seen that in years!

3 pm: Campus residences are being evacuated. Main entrance of campus is now under water. I call security. They assure me the campus is still open. I start to watch the basement nervously. Still dry.

3h30 pm: We receive the evacuation call from security. Water now...

'Findel, you recieve 800 XP for this tale of harrowing adventure.

Pathfinder Rulebook Subscriber

Forget 800 XP, that deserves an entire level. I'd take Druid and get Control Water.

Talynonyx wrote:
800 XP, that deserve an entire level. I'd take Druid and get Control Water.


If anything, I gained Blind-Fighting out of it. At any case, I proved that I could work in darkness with much more reliability than a 50% miss chance...

Control Water would be nice, along 30 other D&D spells which would made my work SO much easier! Spider Climb? Hell yeah. Darkness would be useful; light is easier to add than to remove. Personally, I'd settle for Prestidigitation at will as a spell like ability...

Lilith wrote:
The Jade wrote:
Matt Damon, sexiest man alive?

Shelly Mazzanoble. This woman's writing fills me with an irrational hatred, and a sincere desire to apologize and somehow correct others, lest they think that all Women Who Game are like that. I liken her to waking up with somebody you didn't want to, and you'd rather chew your arm off to get away than wake them up. I don't know where WotC dug up this chick, but she just...Grr...rr.r.w..r..s..r.r.r.r..rrrrrr!!!

*click click *snap* GRZZT*
Normalizing blood pressure, please wait...



Ok so like 4 years later, but I <3 this book. I thought it was entertaining and informative. I passed it along to many friends.

Rant on. Just had an almost TPK. The session started with the wizard's player getting in the face of the rogue because he didn't come and back him up in a scenario that the wizard precipitated against a very powerful foe that they should have run from. The thing is the rogue did come down when he realized that the rest of the party had decided to stay and fight it out. They survived.

But half an hour of accusations about how the character wasn't there to have anyones back.

So during the session--the party gets lured out into an ambush by slavers. They have been completely surprised and are surrounded and outgunned.

The leader tells them to surrender.

They refuse. The fight is not going their way but Wizard levitates about the action, casts protection from normal missiles and starts slinging spells. The rest of the party with the exception of the rogue goes down to defeat magnificently. They are beaten and collared and the slaver leader tells the wizard to surrender again.

He refuses and begins to fire more spells around. The slaver leader places his weapon over one of the players and again tells the wizard to surrender or he will kill the player characters. The wizard keeps casting spells and trash talking. So the slaver kills a character moves to the next one. Surrender. No. Kills the next one. Surrender. Kills the next one.

The wizard who gave the rogue crap for not risking his life in a scenario the wizard brought on--is now refusing to show any party loyalty at all. This character by the way is neutral good. So. what to do now?

Two characters managed to escape. I'm thinking that this will be the base of the party next.

I'm thinking the wizard is out.

Rant off.

Gemcraft Chapter 2 Chasing Shadows appears to have had no playtesting of any effectiveness whatsoever. Reports of errors are popping up all over threads on some boards now, and instead of withdrawing the game for several months, to try and fix everything, the writer appears to be attempting to patch things 'on the fly', breaking things which were working fine before in the process.
Not a very glorious addition to the series.

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