What's a hobgoblin to do?

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My party is in the middle of the Malachite Fortress and has just fought Kozmojen. They ended up killing him and his pet and then performed a fighting retreat to get out of the Malachite Fortress alive. My question is what will the remaining hobgoblins do now that their employer is dead? Will they clear out or see the Malachite Fortress as theirs now and fight to defend it? What does everyone think?

Well, do the Hobgoblins know that Kazmojen has been killed. If they are in the PC's path on the way out from the Kazmojen fight, they may not know that their leader has been killed.

Of course, if the PC's are carrying something that is very clearly supposed to be on Kazmojen, then the Hobgoblins could be enraged for the PC's killing their leader.

It totally matters on what happened up to the point.

I think they'd clear out to the Underdark. They know that their boss is dead and that the City above is on to them and their slaving operation and even if they think they could defeat the party, they will figure that the City would send more reinforcements to clear out the threat underneath it.

Maybe a bit of skirmishing to try to clear the area from adventurer but if there is too much opposition they will leave to the underdark, joining the Durzagon?

You've already probably spent a lot of time in a dungeon. Mopping up some hobgoblins isn't any fun. I'd have them disperse to the underdark so that you can go on to other more interesting things.

Unless the PCs aren't 3rd level yet. Then I'd do the mop up so they are ready for Drakthar's.

How this idea: the Hobgoblins seek employment elsewhere, like with Drakthar! It makes total sense for them, if you think about it.

Hanging out with other goblinoids, making a profit, hooking up with a strong leader, beating up on little goblins, man would being a hobgoblin rock. Except for those meddling kids, I mean, adventurers...

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Well, my group left two whole hobgoblins alive. (This was before Drakthar's Way existed--that's a great suggestion.) What they did in my game was the two of them had a fight to see who was the new leader of the tribe. The two of them then successfully negotiated with the party for survival. They will be spending time in the underdark, but are going to be working on rebuilding their tribe in a less slavery-ring type of way.

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