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Age of Worms Adventure Path

I'm a fan of trying to round up relevant music to play while gaming. When the redux of Dawn of the Dead came out, we played some zombie killing spree adventurers with such tunes as the Cranberries tune "Zombie" and Ozzy's "Zombie Stomp."

I was wondering if anyone has suggestions on Worm related music. For example:

Pink Floyd's "Waiting for the Worms to Come"
Impaled's "The Worms Crawl In"


So the music has to specifically have worms in it? Cause so far everytime I think of Kyuss and the age of worms I hear Master of Puppets, One Winged Angel (the new advent children version) and practically any Slayer song.

Liberty's Edge

How about Midnight Syndicate's stuff...I like there mood music for give a theme to can set the tone for some encounters if done right...just make sure your not too distracted by 'outside intervention' (i.e. Other nonplayers, pets etc)


Sovereign Court

Anything from the band Kyuss(no really they exist).

And I do believe they were named after our Kyuss.

If you're looking for music with Worms references, Antichrist Superstar by Marilyn Manson is, err, crawling with them.

About anything by Rammstein. They have the right feel even if you don't speak German. Or if you sometimes go for the surreal and twisted, you could do a really unusual combination like playing The Smith's "I am Human" during a certain encounter with an Ulgurstasta. Yeah, I'm like that...

Britany Spears? Worm food!

GUTH wrote:
I'm a fan of trying to round up relevant music to play while gaming.

I prefer softer music (It's hard to DM when shouting over heavy metal):

Icewind Dale, IWD II and Heart of Winter soundtracks
5 Midnight Syndicate albums (Realms of shadows, 13th hour, Gates of delirium, D&D soundtrack, Born of the Night)
Pool of Radience soundtrack
Baldur's Gate II soundtrack (I tend to buy a lot of the "Collector's editions for my CRPGs, even the bad ones)
Final Fantasy VII, VIII, and X soundtracks
Vagrant Story soundtrack
Castlevania: Symphony of the Night soundtrack
Assorted other game soundtracks (Ultima 6 MIDIs converted to MP3, Ultima 9 soundtrack, Ur-Quan and Yehat themes from Star Control II, Chrono Cross)
Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Rings soundtrack
Piece de Resistance: Conan the Barbarian soundtrack

I might mix in some Iron Maiden and Judas Priest at some point... Almost definitely some Apocolyptica (once I get a new iPod, the old one had an HD crash).

I'm a big fan of My Dying Bride and Neurosis for moodiness

The "Legends of the Fall" soundtrack has some good stuff on it, especially for WC.

When my party first descended into the Dark Cathedral in 3FoE, it was with the soundtrack to "The Omen" in the background

When they hit Champion's Belt, it'll be time for "Mortal Kombat"

I'm a huge fan of using "fight music" for major combat encounters, and here's some of my favourites:

"Noontide", "Existence", "Still in the Dark", "A Bloodstained Lineage", "Awe of She" and "Holy Orders", all from the Guilty Gear X/X2 Soundtrack. All of them are big blood-pumping rock numbers that just feel right for big fight scenes.

"Dancing Mad" from FFVI, "J-E-N-O-V-A" and "One Winged Angel" from FFVII (the Advent Children version for "One Winged Angel" is even better though!) Dancing Mad and One Winged Angel in particular are suitably epic tracks useable for final encounters.

Me, I've already decided the music I'm going to be using for the final battle(s) in "Dawn of a New Age". Starting with Cradle of Filth's "Heaven Torn Asunder" and "Mother of Abominations", then moving onto "Dancing Mad" and "One Winged Angel", with the last two on loop.

I can only really use music in the distant background and sparingly though, since one of my players is deaf. Even with his cochlear implant, he can only handle so much noise before distortion drowns everything out.


Wayland Smith wrote:

I prefer softer music (It's hard to DM when shouting over heavy metal):

Piece de Resistance: Conan the Barbarian soundtrack

Amen! There is no finer D&D music than Conan. It's just so classic.

Erik mentioned to me that he thinks the Carnivale soundtrack is perfect for Diamond Lake.

Britney Spears, maybe?

Or Christina AAAAAAAAaaaaaaaguilera?



Robert Head wrote:

Erik mentioned to me that he thinks the Carnivale soundtrack is perfect for Diamond Lake.

Carnivale rocks! And the soundtrack is indeed amazing. Shame they cancelled the series, it was my favorite thing on T.V. for awhile.

Sovereign Court

If you want your players to hate Diamond Lake even more,just have the miners sing the "High Ho" song from Disney's snow white and the seven dwarves movie.

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