Paizo, please share some info about the upcoming druids versus Kyuss storyline

Age of Worms Adventure Path

I saw that the next Dungeon adventure introduces some information about some druids that previously defeated Kyuss. I'm currently running the Shackled City hard copy adventure path and I'm planning to later run the same players (with different characters) through Age of Worms.

One of the players is running a druid from the Cauldron region and was asking for information about the history and tradition of the druids in the area. I'm wondering if the druids mentioned for the next Age of Worms Dungeon adventure are responsible for the obsidian circle and the big battle that demolished Kyuss' city in the Spire of Long Shadows. Or was that a different force, and Kyuss' defeat by the druids happened later when Kyuss was doing his thing around the Wormcrawl Fissure or elsewhere?

It seems that if druids were responsible for the defeat of Kyuss' mighty undead-worshipping city in the jungles of the Cauldron region, the modern day druids might have some knowledge about that epic struggle in ages past.

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WARNING—Age of Worms Spoiler to Follow:

The forces that created the obsidian ringward around the Spire of Lost Shadows did so about 2,000 years ago, and weren't druids.

The druids who defeated Kyuss did so 1,500 years ago, and were based in the Rift Canyon region, thousands of miles north of Cauldron. Additionally, these druids and their Order died out and have been unheard of for about 1,500 years, so it wouldn't make sense for a new member to appear out of nowhere.

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Well the Obsidian ring came after Kyuss's apotheosis, so I really doubt it was made by the same druids, though if the druids defeated kyuss shortly before his apotheosis, it could be... I doubt it, though.

Could the druid of White Plume Mountain be one of these long lost druids?

Thanks, Mr. Jacobs. That confirms what I kind of thought would be the case from vague recollection of various bits of info in the adventures to date, but I wasn't sure.

This will help me keep my Shackled City background from infringing on the Age of Worms stuff when I run that with the same players.

I love the ability to get such a quick answer to a question from Dungeon's staff, and also the insight of the other posters on these message boards who sometimes offer clever ideas on ways to run these adventures. There's never been a better time to be a DM! May 2006 bring as much success to Paizo as Paizo has brought to my gaming table in 2005.

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