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Silver Crusade

I see that Dungeon will once again be at Gencon. I was wondering which of the staff, writers, and artists will be there? I know that Erik will as I believe that he is giving a seminar but who else? I would really like to shake the hands of some of the people who put together the wonderful mag that is Dungeon.

Liberty's Edge

I'm not a Paizo staffmember, but I'll be there. Looking forward to it very much.

Christopher West

Paizo Employee Chief Creative Officer, Publisher

Currently slated for Gen Con attendance:

Erik Mona (Editor-in-Chief)
James Jacobs (Managing Editor, Dungeon)
Jason Bulmahn (Associate Editor, Dragon)
Wesley Schneider (Assistant Editor, Dragon)
Jeremy Walker (Editorial Assistant, Dungeon)

Publisher/COO Keith Strohm and Owner/CEO Lisa Stevens will also be there, as will a few other Paizo types who are more "behind the scenes" people (but absolutely critical) like our Technical Director, Vic Wertz.

The art staff and the able Mike McArtor will be manning the home fort during the show.


Sovereign Court

I'm not a staff member either, but I'm looking forward to seeing everyone. Since I certainly won't recognize most of the people on this messageboard, it would really help me out if everyone could wear a nametag with your messageboard name and icon. :)

Sovereign Court

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Just got back from GenCon SoCal. Good time but I didn't see Paizo anywhere! I was hopin' to geta look at some of thier stuff like the Shackled City book or the Compendium or even a peek at the Game Mastery stuff, but nothing. Too bad. BTW, True Dungeon was awesome, loads of fun.

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