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Paizo Employee Chief Technical Officer

As of today, the to-do list for the website is roughly divided into three parts: this week, before Gen Con, and after Gen Con.

The major "this week" item involves improving server reliability and speed - efforts that will continue through the rest of the month at least, though the first fruits of this labor should be borne late this week or early next. We're also working on some behind-the-scenes stuff related to processing shipments that will immediately make life a little easier for the folks in the warehouse, and will also shortly thereafter allow us to communicate order status more easily and effectively with customers.

The "before Gen Con" list involves additional efforts on reliability and speed, additional customer communication improvements, and a system that, among other things, provides some ways to reward loyal customers. If all goes well, we'll also significantly increase the number of products we offer.

The messageboards are a popular topic for customer requests; unfortunately, most of the messageboard-related to-do items are in the post-Gen Con list, though I'm sure a few minor improvements will work their way out before then, including, most likely, one that should provide for faster page loads.

By all means, keep letting us know how we're doing!


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