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I am not sure where to post this so forgive me if I err. Please forward this to whomever is the appropriate party at Paizo.

I have been looking around the Paizo store and it seems Paizo carries some products I have not seen and cannot find elsewhere - Amazon or FLGS etc. I would like to order but I am somewhat leery about doing so because of the erratic functionality of this website.

I have a T-1 line. Paizo loads slooooowly. Sometimes it doesn't load. Sometimes it "hiccups" and seems to loose a post. Sometimes it throws me off in mid-whatever. Etc.

I would feel a lot more comfortable ordering from Paizo if Paizo's website were more reliable.

Just some feedback.

Thank you. :)

Yes, we do have a very complete line of gaming products, of which we are proud. : )

Your observations are accurate. We have been having Website downtime and slowdowns far more frequently than we should. Not coincidentally, we are spending the rest of this month upgrading our servers and systems to handle the ever-increasing traffic load that our site is attracting.

As far as the reliability of the ordering system, we take dozens of orders every day without a hitch. Problems with orders are rare and are handled promptly by our customer service folks (customer.service@paizo.com). Any problems with the website itself that might come up are my responsibility, and you can feel free to contact me directly (robert.head@paizo.com) or here in this forum.

Obviously, we want everyone to feel comfortable ordering from us and will do everything possible to assure your satisfaction.

Best regards,

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