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I just had the idea to transform the Medusa into a monster-template and would like to know, what you think of the idea.
Just imagine, for example, humanoids like giants with Medusa-features.This could be an interesting twist to a mayor villain.
Sure, this would separate the Medusa from it's mythological roots, but it could be fun and would be a mayor surprise for players.

If there's interest, i'd post the template, when i'm done with it.
Or has this been done before?

I think that I've seen a medusa-like template in a d20 product but I can't remember which one.

There's a half-medusa template in the Book of Templates Deluxe Edition from Silver Thorne games. I'm not sure if its a PDF-only supplement or an acutal book...the copy I saw was PDF.

I think that a Medusa template would be a great idea, just think if you could have a dwarf or halfling Medusa. great campaign hook, possibly an evil medusa turning other creatures into medusas. I've always loved to use the Medusa's gaze against my players. It makes them so mad and it would be great if I could have more chances to use it.

The wonder of the game is that anyone can do whatever they want, but personally I think this sort of thing is exactly what's wrong with the game today. Do we really need new monsters (or a billion variants to the huge number of monsters already in existance)? The medusa is a classic and she's wonderful and versatile just the way she is. If people are looking for variety and "spice", why not just develop different medusas with unique skills, feats, and personalities? With a little imagination there are plenty of situations that would make interesting "twists" to this classic.
And are you really suggesting that giants and similar humanoids are not challenging or interesting enough on their own? I've been playing and DMing for over twenty-five years now and haven't even gotten close to using up the original monsters or their classic adaptations.

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Well, i agree with you that there's no need for more monsters in the game. I got the idea for changing the Medusas into a template while preparing one of my adventures. It had a focus on stone giants and i wanted to add something surprising to it and had the idea to use a medusa. As there was no explainable way to include one in the adventure, i had the idea to give the leaders of the stone giants the gaze attack of the medusa.
This developed into my thinking about a template.

On the other hand i don't think that the possibility of wide varieties of creatures with the template option of the d20 system is somehow wrong.
It's all about options and i think it's cool to have 'em.
There's nothing wrong with just using the classic critters in a pure way. I don't feel the need to turn every creature into a special beast by using templates, character classes, feats over and over, but i like it that i have the opportunity to do so, if i feel that something like this could improve my game.

I think it's a great idea. PCs are too coddled and secure in their knowledge...

"Oh look, a Devil... get out the silver weapons!"

"Uh oh, a Troll... someone light a torch or cast Scorching Ray!"

"A black-scaled Dragon rears out of the swamp? Cast Protection from Elements - Acid. . . quick!"

Let us know what you come up with, Absinth. It's nice to have a secret pitch to throw at them once in a while...

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