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Our servers went down early this morning (Friday, 26 Nov 2004) . We've got them back up now.

Our apologies for the inconvenience.


Our servers went down again early this morning (Sunday, 28 Nov).

There are some recognizeable patterns (usually goes down around 2 in the morning), but we have yet to identify the significant contributing factors.

Obviously, server downtime is an enormous problem for us, and we will be getting to the bottom of this as soon as possible.

- Rob

Grrrr. Our servers were down this morning.

All's well now.

Happy shopping!

- Rob

Down this morning.

Back again.

- rob

Down again this morning for, it looks like, about two hours.

Fixed now.

- Rob

We've had some downtime this week.

A few hours this morning and yesterday morning as well.

Our apologies.

The good news is that we think we've made some break-throughs in identifying the source of some of our difficulties. Time will tell.

: ]
- rob

Well, our troubles persist. Bunch of downtime overnight.

Some day we'll have this kicked.

: [
- rob

Dark Archive

Hopefully you can fix this soon.
Since I'm living in germany, 2 in the morning is the time i'm browsing the boards here on the other half of the globe (and experiencing the down times first hand).

Just wanted to mention that the database server went down for a few hours this morning, but it's feeling much better now. 8 ]

Carry on.

BTW, over the last several months, we've fixed or at least mollified most of the difficulties mentioned earlier in this thread. Yea!

Instability this weekend.

We've been monitoring it carefully.

New servers coming on line Real Soon Now™

- rob

Well, we just migrated our database to an upgraded system, which was the cause of our scheduled outage today.

Many thanks for your patience.

- rob

So far, so good!

There was a bug with PDF downloads for about an hour, but that's fixed.

Anybody having any trouble?

Enjoying the new speed of the site? : )

- rob

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