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Website Feedback

Hey Paizo!

Love the new site -- the new formats (Dragon / Dungeon) -- and the new attitdue from Paizo re 100% Official D&D content is great.

Best part of the web site --> FREE downloads and add-ons (and good ones!) that support articles the articles and adventures in Dragon & Dungeon. Love the downloadable maps! Keep them coming!

Best part of Dragon --> Class Acts -- love the attitude from Paizo that the core classes and a bit of imagination is all it really takes to have a GREAT D&D game. The article will go a long way in helping new and old players see the advantages and versatility of the core classes -- that I find are getting way way overlooked with the massive number of Prestige Classes out there.

Best part of Dungeon --> Dungeon Lairs / Campaign Workbook -- really looking forward to seeing some high quality lairs and good adventure material I can add to my existing campaign or base a new one upon.

Excellent work men!

Toronto, Canada

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