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Reap what you have sown! ... Talingarde is yours! Once the people of this noble nation called you a criminal and branded you as one of the forsaken. Now, by blood and guile, you have seized control of the kingdom. ... You are at last victorious. ... And this is only the beginning. What shall you...

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Chapter 6: City of Locusts ... by Richard Pett ... The Wrath of the Righteous Adventure Path concludes with “City of Locusts,” a thrilling climax by fan-favorite author Richard Pett! The heroes of the Fifth Crusade have risen to heights of power undreamed of and have dealt blow after blow to the...

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There's never enough adventures, right? ... Welcome to the second issue of Adventure Quarterly! Adventure Quarterly is dedicated to regularly bringing you fun adventures for your Pathfinder Roleplaying Game from new and established voices in the RPG industry. It is our hope that like us, you feel...

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The Adventure Quarterly Relaunch! Welcome to the latest issue of Adventure Quarterly, now with new hand drawn cartography by Tommi Salama and all original art to help create encounters and stories you want to be a part of. Where creative designers cut their teeth, or continue to sink...

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For this Savage Realm of Suzerain enjoy an old school, killer dungeon in a fantasy setting that draws heroes from every corner of time and space! ... The Lich Queen awaits in her Palace. Your heroes have survived Tomb of the Lich Queen, pushed through Machine of the Lich Queen, and now must face...