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Welcome to the tenth adventure in the ZEITGEIST adventure path! ... This is the Pathfinder RPG version of this adventure. ... An Age of Reason. An Age of Darkness. ... The Obscurati have won. Across the world, peoples' minds turn to rationality and industriousness—ideals of Nicodemus, the...

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A wintry wilderness and dungeon adventure for 17th-level characters. ... Entombed in the Ice ... The witch queens of Irrisen must abdicate their thrones every 100 years when their mother, Baba Yaga, places a new daughter on the throne. But one queen was unwilling to relinquish her rule, and led a...

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The curse will echo in legends: in one dire moment, each man, woman, and child in the Kingdom of Kelwyk was transformed into a simple toad. Only the king's advisor, displaced from his body on an astral sojourn at the time of the curse, retains enough of his mind to summon aid. Could the rival...