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Racer Knights of Falconus has players assembling fantastic vehicles (called Racers) from punch-out plastic cards then facing each other in a game that melds demolition derby and knightly jousts. Racer Knights is sold in individual foil packs (retailing for $2.99 US) that contain everything necessary for a single player to begin parts to build a single Racer, rules, dice, play markers, and a card for the vehicle_s pilot (a Knight). Players purchase additional foil packs in order to get a selection of interchangeable parts, enabling them to build the best Racer for their style of play.

A World of Chivalry, Magic, and Derring-Do

Racer Knights takes place in the fantastic lands of Valoron, a land of magic, chivalry and high-octane competition. At the Falconus Academy, students learn to pilot and build Racers and to become Knights. Students and teachers hail from the five species of Valoron: including humans, mystical alfar, brutish ogres, devious serpid, and wily gremlins. Each species brings its own tactics and strengths to the arena. Students compete to be the best of the best and represent their lands in jousts both for pride and to resolve great disputes.

Speed and Valor Bring Victory

In Racer Knights, each player controls a single Racer and faces multiple opponents in jousts for glory. A joust is part race and part battle: Players gain Glory by crossing various waypoints on the way to the finish line, and by destroying their opponents with a variety of fantastic weapons. The player with the most Glory at the end of the joust wins. Racers built for speed and agility are matched by heavy- hitters designed for combat.

Unparalleled Customization

Each Racer includes four key components: a chassis, an engine, a set of tires, and a weapon. Each also has a Knight as a pilot and can have up to four shields. Every part is interchangeable so that any chassis can use any engine or set of tires, for example. This interchangeability even reaches across the five species in the game, so that an ogre Knight can pilot a Racer built on a human chassis, but with a gremlin engine, serpid tires, and an alfar weapon. This allows players to tweak their Racers to perfectly suit their play styles.

The base set of Racer Knights of Falconus includes over 100 different plastic Racer components and over 20 Knights, making for well over a million possible (and playable) combinations. This degree of customization is unheard of in the hobby. All trademarks are property of Wizards of the Coast, Inc. 2005 Wizards. Pa ge 1 of 2

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