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A Mensa Select Award Winner and German Game of the Year Nominee! ... Mix, Match, Score, Win! As basic as matching colors and shapes, Qwirkle consists of 108 wooden tiles with six shapes in six colors. Each tile is worth 1 point. Players score points by building rows and columns of blocks that...

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Roll, Match, Score, Win! Qwirkle Cubes brings new dimension to the tactical strategy of Qwirkle! Open-handed play and the option to roll the cubes to change your shapes gives each player the upper hand against their opponents. Players score points by building lines of cubes that share a common...

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Quiddler Game is a game of words that challenges players to make words from the cards in their hands. In each round, players receive a set amount of cards with which they create their words to earn points.

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In Quest A Time of Heroes, each player takes on the role of a brave hero. Together, players experience thrilling adventures, solve difficult riddles, and fight cruel enemies that do the bidding of one player only: the Quest Master. ... Based on an adventure text, he is going to put the prowess...