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Years of peace are at an end, and old enemies and allies begin to gather in the storm. Ace MechWarriors command armies of tanks and battle-armored troops on exotic planets under inhospitable conditions. Choose your favorite MechWarrior pilot, pick a 'Mech , customize its gear, and charge into battle!

The MechWarrior: Age of Destruction Starter contains everything two players need to play! The Starter Set includes opposing mercenary battle forces representing Wolf's Dragoons and the 21st Centauri Lancers. All of the game pieces found in the Starter are not available in Boosters!

Customize your 'Mechs with the included pilot and gear cards. Play on the included playmat or use the included planetary condition cards to change the field of battle! MechWarrior: Age of Destruction updates and upgrades the core MechWarrior rules with customizable 'Mechs, alliances, new order types, and more!

Pre-Selected Contents

•  10 prepainted units

•  6 Mercenary contract cards

•  4 terrain pieces

•  3 dice

•  2 gear cards

•  2 pilot cards

•  2 planetary condition cards

•  1 flexible ruler

•  1 playmat

•  1 rulebook

•  1 special equipment card

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