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Each Reaper miniature is made from the finest white metal alloy. It comes unpainted and may need some assembly. A complete line of Reaper paints can be found here.

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Anybody know the size category of this dragon?

Dark Archive Contributor

reapermini.com wrote:
This dragon has attitude! Ebonwrath is a great miniature for wargamers, miniatures collectors and dragon lovers alike. This amazingly detailed dragon by Sandra Garrity stands approximately 7" tall and has a wingspan of 12". Ebonwrath is easy to assemble with only eight pieces.

So Huge-ish? Might even pass for Gargantuan.


Many thanks, Boxhead!

I have him, and his feet fit perfectly on a 3" x 3" square base. His wingspan and tail take up enough space that he wouldn't look wrong on a 4" by 4" base, but compared to the D&D plastic miniatures line this mini definitely looks like a huge no matter what base he's on.

Mmm Mmm ... I think this one would be a BEAUTIFUL mini for use with in my (now weekly)

KINGMAKER game... and I'm thinking this one would absolutely ROCK as "Ilthuliak"(sp?) (and going from memory) the major black dragon that threw in her lot with Nyrissa.
Yes, yes... I think I'll add this to my list... and pick this one up as soon as I can.

Doubly thanked, GW!

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