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Ladies and gentlemen, um, yeah, right. Rabid fans and maniacs, let's get ready to rumble! Tired of Game Masters making you role-play so much that nothing ever happens? Tired of long, drawn-out scenarios that never get resolved? Tired of having to worry about some loser GM killing off your Character? Well, to hell with it! Here's a game that's right down your alley! A pro-wrestling role-playing game. Here, Characters never have to die. Here, you can be as outrageous as you want. Here, it's nothing but fighting. Fighting! Fighting! Lace up your boots, tie your headband, and kick some ass! Video game rip you off? Not enough options? Not enough controllers for a ten-player brawl? Well, to hell with that too! No need to shell out another 60 bucks every time you want a new Campaign. I promise you that this is one of the most fun games you'll ever play.

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