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This exciting accessory will help busy GMs build their own adventures or dungeon crawls.

The book presents all the material you need to write an adventure without the adventure itself. If you need a dungeon ready to throw before your players or if you need a solid platform to build your own detailed adventure, Goblins' Lairs will prove very useful.

    The accessory includes:
  • Maps: From the simplest outpost to the huge dungeon complex. For each dungeon or building you get a line-art map, easy to print with minimum ink waste; a color map with its black and white version and, where needed, perspective and axonometric views. Each map has blank spaces for your numbers and notes. Intelligent text fields allow you to change the maps with minimum effort. You can extract, print and modify the maps as you desire.
  • Handouts: Several handouts are provided: the old book, the treasure map and the like. Some handouts are left blank for your customization.
  • Monster Stats (3.0): Your dungeon crawl needs critters. Dozens of goblin stat blocks are provided, from the simplest goblin warrior to the multiclassed sorcerer-king of the goblin tribe. You can cut-and-paste and modify these stats for your own adventures.

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5.00/5 (based on 1 rating)

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An RPG Resource Review


Unlike other offerings from 0one Games, this is a 'do-it-yourself dungeon' kit. It contains map sections, handouts and monster statistics which can be put together and modified to create a unique dungeon of your own design... but with the artistic support of 0one's graphics.

You get a goblin outpost, sighting tower, abandoned manor, a 2-level goblin dungeon, an occupied dwarven complex and an abandoned cathedral: all in line art, full colour, greyscale and axiometric views. The colour and greyscale versions are provided with fields into which you can type notes before you print, and of course you can write or draw on any of them once printed.

Four types of handout are provided: old journal, lost map, notebook and paper. Each is provided in a 'complete' (i.e. filled in as an example) and a blank version, and in both colour and greyscale. The blanks have text fields you can write in, or you can print them out 'as is' and scribble on them later. The completed ones refer to various parts of the maps provided and so could be used as presented should you so wish.

Finally, the monster section provides standard stat blocks for a range of creatures you might find lurking in the dungeons. Handy to have them all in one place, and with the variants provided - regular goblin, goblin chief, goblin warrior and so on.

Overall a very useful resource pack, particularly if you are making your first attempt at designing an adventure setting from scratch rather than using published material.

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