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New Pathfinder Deep Cuts Miniature Releases!

Set the scene with these fantastic new Pathfinder Battles Deep Cuts Unpainted Miniatures—each featuring a gargantuan chromatic dragon. These dragons give painters the opportunity to explore the fine details of each unpainted miniature, which feature deep cuts for easier hand painting.

The Gargantuan Green Dragon, Gargantuan Red Dragon, and Gargantuan White Dragon are some of the most intricate and ambitious Deep Cuts miniatures to date! Each dragon is a highly detailed miniature that is pre-primed with Acrylicos Vallejo primer, some of the finest-quality hobby paint available. Speaking of Vallejo, take a look at the Vallejo paints, brushes, and other painting accessories we have available!

Unpainted minis not your thing? We've still got our ever-expanding Pathfinder Battles miniatures line, with great sets such as Crown of Fangs, Maze of Death, and Kingmaker—available October 24th!

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