Magic and Deviltry in the Crossroads City!


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New Pathfinder Compatible Products Available!

A new week, a new batch of Pathfinder Compatible products. Additionally, our friends at Kobold Press have a Zobeck special. Running through July 7th, customers who purchase the Zobeck Gazetteer and Streets of Zobeck Print/PDF Bundles in the same order will receive 50% off both products!

Streets of Zobeck is a 94-page sourcebook and adventure anthology is set in the seedy underbelly of Zobeck, and includes:

  • 6 adventures dealing with underhanded themes, shady locations, and double-crossing deals gone wrong
  • 5 locales—such as the Cartways Market Gallery or the Old Stross Municipal Baths.
  • A dirty dozen NPCs like kobold gearsmiths, failed Arcane Collegium students, barge captains, fey and undead ambassadors to use as rivals, patrons, peers and foes.
  • A sampling of new clockworks, street magics and odd enchantments that make Zobeck the distinctive jewel of the River Argent.

New products from Drop Dead Studios, Legendary Games, Raging Swan Press, and Wayward Rogues Publishing are now available.

Campaign Backdrops: Caves & Caverns is a compilation product, compiling materiel released in eleven Raging Swan Press PDFs, such as Subterranean Enclave: Fanghome, Subterranean Enclave: Mith'Varal, Subterranean Enclave: Severed Umbra, Caves & Caverns, and more. Campaign Backdrops give GMs tools to run a campaign set in a particular wilderness environment. Each installment brings together—for the first time in one place—previously released material into one handy, GM friendly package. Featuring wilderness dressing, detailed random encounters, fully fleshed out villages and even a place of power all ready for immediate use in your campaign.

Dreadblade Hybrid Class contains a complete 1-20 level Hybrid Class based on the Fighter and Inquisitor, which includes new feats as well. Dreadblades are front-line combatants for evil parties similar to how anti-paladins serve. They usually lead such groups through fear and violent coercion.

Terrors from the Id: The Book of Psionic Horror includes many dark and powerful secrets invoked by psionicists and those driven by fate to combat them. Those wishing to risk their sanity may delve within to unlock facets of psionic power previously untapped. Within you'll find:

  • Four new psionic archetypes for the Dread, Psion, Tactician, and Vitalist classes
  • Expanded options for the Zealot and Wilder classes
  • 35 new psionic powers for all classes
  • 14 feats for inflicting untold horrors on your enemies
  • Expanded options for psychic dueling and sanity rules
  • Three new corruptions for those who wish to sunder themselves for greater power.

The Abjurer's Handbook is an expansion to the Protection sphere from the Spheres of Power magic system. Inside these pages, you'll find new talents, new feats, new archetypes, and more for making the most of protection magic in your games.

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