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New Starfinder Compatible Product Releases!

Legendary Games kicks off the latest batch of Third Party Starfinder Compatible products with Legendary Planet: Dead Vault Descent, and also a special sale from Tabletop Adventures!

Dead Vault Descent—the latest chapter in the Legendary Planet series—is an adventure for 8th to 10th level characters, which includes not only a massive interplanetary adventure but also brand-new monsters, magic, technology, new archetypes and feats blending magic and machinery, along with a full gazetteer of the Sunset World of Kylorn and its inhabitants and an ongoing fiction series! Here you will find amazing adventures that span the stars and plunder the planets in a campaign that takes your heroes to 20th level and beyond!

New Starfinder Compatible products are also available from Louis Porter Jr. Design, Necromancers of the Northwest, and Rogue Genius Games.

Infinite Space: Exotic Radiation: Whether hurtling in a starship through interstellar space or exploring an alien world on foot, adventurers must confront many different threats and hazards. Of these, radiation is one of the most insidious yet frequent. The core rules provide information regarding radiation, including its hazards, methods to detect it, and ways to cure its effects. Given the vast size and scope of the universe and the existence of magic, it should come as no surprise that radiation occurs in many unusual forms. These different types of radiation, referred to as exotic radiation, sometimes occur in regions struck by catastrophic events or reality-shattering magic.

Horizontech Catalogue 004: Commercial Robots: Technology is the backbone of civilization, setting the sentient races apart from the rest of the cosmos. From the powerful space ships that bridge the vast distances between worlds, to the computers that keep us connected to the information we need and allow us to control all manner of convenient devices, to top-of-the-line armor and weaponry to protect everything that is important, technology is a vital part of day-to-day life in the modern spacefaring age. And no one stays at the forefront of new and exciting technologies like Horizontech!

Horizontech Catalogues contain all the newest and best developments from Horizontech Industries, the galactic leader in innovation and progress. Commercial Robots presents five new robots, each with a full stat-block, useful new abilities, and information on their purchase and use. Included are the personal assistant, rover combat drone, raptor hunter surveillance drone, marine shark drone, and class II probe. When you think of the future of technology, think Horizontech!

Star Log.EM-027: Skittermander Options: This installment of Star Log.EM includes 1,000 words detailing all new options for skittermander characters! Included are skittermander paragon archetype, a half-dozen new feats like Hyperactive Leap, Reflexive Assistance, Skitterspider, and Skittermander Supplex, and new biotech and cybertech augmentations with skittermander flair.

And last, but certainly not least, Tabletop Adventures is taking 20% off select products in its annual "Mom's Are Gamers Too" sale, which runs on paizo.com through May 22nd!

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Ooh, nice 3PP books there. I should also note that I sent back print copies of all of our Legendary Planet adventures for Starfinder, so they'll be available for print and print/PDF bundles right here at Paizo as soon as they unpack the inventory after the show!

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