Different Roads Sometimes Lead to the Same Castle!


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New Q-Workshop Pathfinder Dice Set Releases!

Aching to add another set of dice to your collection? Q-Workshop has some of the most unique dice out there, and they've got a brand-new set for you. Pathfinder Dice: War for the Crown are now available!

Paizo and Q-workshop proudly present the official dice set for the War for the Crown Adventure Path. Prevent the fall of nation! Take these dice and roll for the good of all Taldorian! Win your place behind the Imperial Throne! Still playing in a Ruins of Azlant or Ironfang Invasion campaign? The Pathfinder Dice: Ruins of Azlant and Pathfinder Dice: Ironfang Invasion sets are also available!

Be sure to check out the rest of our Pathfinder Dice—which also include the limited edition Paizo d20s available in Blue or Purple—and the rest of our great selection of gaming dice!

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