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New Dice Tray From Campaign Coins Releases!

Our friends at Campaign Coins have just released the Starfinder Dice Tray! This deluxe dice tray will keep your dice where you need them—right in the middle of your Pathfinder AND Starfinder adventures! The dice tray also packs flat with your rulebooks and is easy to take with you to Starfinder Society sessions!

The awesome Starfinder Dice: Dead Suns from Q-Workshop pictured in the tray are also available. We've got a ton of other great dice options from Chessex and Koplow as well. Show your colors with the Starfinder Logo, Pathfinder Logo, and Pathfinder Goblin pins. The Paizo Apparel & Gifts don't stop there. From T-Shirts, Figures, Bags, to Barware, there's plenty to choose from.

Don't forget to pick up a Starfinder Lanyard—then take a look at all the great Campaign Coins products available here on!

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