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Pathfinder Player Companion: Disciple's Doctrine (PFRPG)

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Having faith doesn't always mean worshiping a deity. From the far-flung corners of Golarion to the center of its major cities, many adherents find faith in small congregations dedicated to obscure beliefs and complex philosophies. Pathfinder Player Companion: Disciple's Doctrine explores a dozen of these cults and traditions, including such groups as the Esoteric Order of the Palatine Eye, Magnimar's mystery cults, the Oracular Council of Po Li in Tian Xia, the Prophets of Kalistrade, and many more. Learn more about these lesser-known groups, and discover the class and character options that true faith and deep traditions can unlock.

Inside Disciple's Doctrine you'll find:

  • A host of character traits for those with a background in devotion or dogma, including the natural ritualist faith trait for those who venerate the outdoors and the ecumenical social trait for those who grew up learning about many deities.
  • Archetypes for adherents of these doctrines, from the fist of the Godclaw warpriest for members of that Hellknight order to the seeker of enlightenment spiritualist dedicated to learning about Sangpotshi, the River of Life.
  • A wide array of spells for the faithful and those who have learned from them, including protective spells tied to the Kalistocrats of Druma and prophetic spells connected to the Harbingers of Fate.

Looking for more faith-filled options for your PCs? Check out Inner Sea Gods, Inner Sea Faiths, Healer's Handbook, Divine Anthology, Faiths of Purity, and Faiths of Balance.

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You didn't get the memo?! You cannot blog about something I have yet to receive as a subscriber! I want my PDF even more. >sigh<

So eager to see the new Masterpieces and Investigator Talents!

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"Faith manages."

Is there a way to get the format for the cults or religious orders? I am about to create 2 cults and want to format them for consideration by Paizo. One is the Red Witch cult and the other is a Crocodile cult. I am wondering if submissions are considered from gamers for future supplements. I am also looking at creating a Wolf cult too.

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Paizo does not accept unsolicited submissions, sorry.

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