To Know Your Enemy, You Must Become Your Enemy!


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New Fantasy Flight Board & Card Games Available!

Originally released in 1995 as a collectible card game, Legend of the Five Rings has since thrived with its unique setting, engaging gameplay, and enthusiastic player base. Now players new and old alike can experience Rokugan like never before in these products from Fantasy Flight Games!

Releasing this week, Battle for Rokugan is a turn-based strategy game played over the course of five rounds in which two to five Rokugani daimyō must form their strategies, distribute their forces, and battle for control of the provinces that make up the Emerald Empire. By bluffing, using diplomacy, and placing combat tokens, the daimyō expand their Clans' territory and move closer to victory. With each province they conquer, the daimyō earn honor for their Clan, and if they take over an entire territory, they further bolster their strength. In the end, the most honorable daimyō will win the day, but temptation and the fear of failure are ever-present.

The smash-hit Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game is a player-influenced LCG that sees two players take on the role of one of the seven Great Clans of Rokugan, vying for military and political control of the land while maintaining Rokugan society's strict code of honor. The Core Set comes with everything a player needs to explore the seven great clans of Rokugan, the Crab Clan, Crane Clan, Dragon Clan, Lion Clan, Phoenix Clan, Scorpion Clan, and Unicorn Clan. It also includes a variety of tokens, cards, and rule sheets. The first set of Dynasty Pack expansions are now available as well!

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