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Pathfinder Adventure Card Game: Hunter Class Deck

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New Pathfinder Adventure Card Game Deck Release!

Something's loose in the forest, but you're the predator on its trail. The Pathfinder Adventure Card Game Hunter Class Deck features three new characters who track down beasts and malefactors.

This 109-card accessory for the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game lets you plunge your adventure into darkness. These characters can be played in any Pathfinder Adventure Card Game Base Set or in the Pathfinder Society Adventure Card Guild organized play campaign.

There are also plenty of Pathfinder options for hunters in the recently released Ultimate Wilderness! Explore new hunter archetypes—like chameleon adept, who are masters at blending into every situation—or scarab stalker, a breed of hunters who call upon the powers of the pyramids to protect and explore the ancient sites of their people.

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