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New The Dark Eye Card Game Available!

The creators of The Dark Eye—Germany's most popular fantasy roleplaying game—have released the Aventuria Adventure Card Game: Base Set!

Enter Aventuria, a land of high fantasy, medieval intrigue, barbaric adventures in the wilderness, and classic pirate tales, just to name a few. Arm yourself for battle! The Aventuria Adventure Card Game is a fast-paced card game for 1–4 players where each player takes the role of a hero from Aventuria. Choose from Arbosh the fierce dwarven smith, Layariel the fleet-footed elven scout, Carolan the cunning half-elven rogue, or Mirhiban the mysterious Tulamydian mage.

Contents of the game include Heroes, 120 Action cards, 4 Hero Markers, 4 Hit Point Displays, 9 Fate Points, 8 dice, 126 Adventure cards—including Leaders, Henchmen, Rewards, and much more. You can find a play through video of the cooperative game here!

Explore the world of Aventuria further with The Dark Eye RPG Core Rulebook and Aventuria Almanac.

Be sure to take a look at all of the great The Dark Eye products available here on paizo.com!

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