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New Pathfinder Comic Series Releases!

An exciting new Pathfinder adventure begins! In Pathfinder—Runescars #1, the Pathfinder heroes receive a desperate plea to unmask a killer stalking the chaos-gripped city of Korvosa. A new queen has ascended the city's Crimson Throne, and now deadly armored Hellknights and Gray Maidens clash in the streets.

Dare the magic and monsters of gothic Korvosa in the first sword-swinging issue from Pathfinder co-creator F. Wesley Schneider (Pathfinder Hollow Mountain, Bloodbound), with art from Ediano Silva (Grimm Fairy Tales, Hellchild: The Unholy).

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So, wait a sec, does this take place before or after the Curse of the Crimson Throne Adventure Path?

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Sounds more like during.

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W00t. More comics!

Huh? I thought this wouldn't be available for another couple weeks...

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