Just When I Thought I Was out, They Pull Me Back In!


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New Third-Party Pathfinder Compatible Bundles Available!

Yesterday, we featured a trio of third-party Kickstarters. Today, we're featuring a triple-header of great third-party, Pathfinder-compatible bundles!

The folks at Jon Brazer Enterprises are offering a bundle with all of their Pathfinder-compatible products—from their very first product to products released through 2016—for only $20! That is over 90% off the regular price for all of those products combined. The Big Book of Everything bundle includes some of the company's highest-rated monster books, more than 16 new and expanded player races, exceptional adventures, details on the Plane of Shadows, options for spellcasters, imaginative vehicles, all the rules needed for exploring a region and establishing a kingdom, and much, much more. This bundle is only available through the end of April.

Raging Swan Press has released the Raging Swan Press Mega-Awesome GM's Bundle and has filled it with 200 PDFs. Designed to take the hassle out of prepping and running games, this bundle saves you time and frustration while helping to make games more "mega-awesome." Individually, the contents of the bundle would normally cost well over $600 total. Until April 26th, you can get them all for only $29.95!

And finally, to celebrate the fact that Purple Duck Games material on paizo.com will now be available through Rogue Genius Games, they've released the Rogue Purple Duck Bundle, a massive bundle of all of Purple Duck's Pathfinder-compatible material available on paizo.com! The bundle includes more than 175 products, from animated skulls to paths of power to the vast Lands of Porphyra Campaign Setting and Purple Mountain adventures, which individually would cost more than $600 total! All for $39.95! That's more than 90% off, a deal only available on paizo.com through the end of April.

Remember to check out all the great Pathfinder compatible products available here at paizo.com!

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Jon Brazer Enterprises

Grab them now everyone!!! These are some serious awesome bundles that you do not want to miss.

I agree with Dale! Get them all!

Sovereign Court Raging Swan Press

So much awesomeness!

Liberty's Edge

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Agreed - lots of great stuff here!

That Raging Swan bundle, though ... wow! That's an AMAZING amount of awesome for a heck of a price!

And congrats on the Purple Duck Games / Rogue Genius Games partnership!

Jon Brazer Enterprises

Did you read the 5-STAR Review of JBE'S Big Book of Everything?

Jon Brazer Enterprises

Not much time left on these bundles. Grab them today.

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