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New Kickstarters from Great Third-Party Publishers!

It's a Kickstarter triple feature from Frog God Games, Legendary Games, and AAW Games!

The Frog God Games Starfinder Roleplaying Game Compatible Line campaign aims to help kick off their Starfinder Roleplaying Game Compatible Line of products. Frog God Games expects to release 2 full-color hardcover books: The Planetarium and the Tome of Aliens alongside the Starfinder Roleplaying Game: Starfinder Core Rulebook this August.

The Planetarium will contain over a dozen new worlds filled with creatures, cultures and civilizations, all for use as settings with built-in adventure seeds ready for Starfinder Roleplaying Game campaigns. Tome of Aliens contains over 120 creatures for players' alien needs. Each one is designed threaten parties using a similar creature creation philosophy other Frog God Games fantasy products. The campaign runs until 12:21 PM PDT on May 1st.

Next up is the Forest Kingdom Campaign Compendium for Pathfinder from Legendary Games. The campaign plans to combine their River Kings line of products, many available in print for the first time. The Forest Kingdom Campaign Compendium will contain two complete wilderness adventures, over 50 new spells and magic items, three dozen new character options, and over 30 new fey and forest monsters, rules for fey-themed haunts and integrating fey into campaigns. The campaign runs until 9PM PDT on April 24th.

And last, but certainly not least is Underworld Races & Classes from AAW Games, which compiles the Underworld Races and Underworld Classes product lines into a 250+ page hardcover. The Underworld Races & Classes hardcover compiles 14 underworld races, like the Svirfneblin, the dweorg dwarf, and draaki, a race of fallen dragonkin. It will also contain more than 25 Underworld Classes, like the Day Rambler, an undead halfling, and the Underterror, a mutating shape-shifting horror.

Underworld Races & Classes will also feature a detailed history and information on each race, its peculiarities, settlements and customs, notes on interactions with other races in the Underworld and beyond, and new drow domains. The campaign runs until 7PM PDT on April 28th.

To summarize, that's two new Starfinder Roleplaying Game Compatible hardcovers and two hardcover Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Compatible compilations, all from well-known and respected publishers!

And be sure to check all the other great Pathfinder Compatible products available here at!

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Thank you for the shout-out Paizo!

The Underworld Races & Classes Kickstarter is spelunking into the depths of the Underworld funding within the first hour and already unlocking lots of stretch and backer goals.

The Underworld Races & Classes tome for 5th Edition and the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game (two separate books) includes devious drow, deep mining svirfneblin, psychedelic funglets, beautiful, semi-crystalline colliatur and more: a total of 14 new races and over 25 classes clocking in at 250+ pages!

Authors of the newly revised Underworld Races & Classes tome include Thilo Graf AKA Endzeitgeist (Advanced Races Compendium by Kobold Press, Laying Waste by TPK Games, Strange Magic by Interjection Games), Stephen Rowe (Advanced Races Compendium, Paizo: Pathfinder Player Companions: Paths of the Righteous, Healer's Handbook, and Haunted Heroes Handbook), Chris Harris (Tome of Beasts, Advanced Races), Mike Myler (ENnie winning AaWBlog!, Hypercorps 2099 by Legendary Games, Veranthea Codex by Rogue Genius Games), and Jonathan G. Nelson (AAW Games owner/publisher and author on Rise of the Drow, Snow White, and Alagoran's Gem).

Best of all: The book is written, playtested and ready to go - it is literally finished and ready for layout! The text is all done and this campaign is all about getting you the best-looking, most gorgeous book you can ask for!

Instead of lining up additional races & classes as stretch goals we're giving you everything up front, straight out of the gates!

So, what exactly do you get?

This tome will include everything you need to create and play new and exciting races from the caverns of the world below. The pages will include new classes, archetypes, origins, and domains.

Ahoolings, nefarious bat-people of the underworld
Colliatur, crystal-infused champions of life
Dødelig, friendly dias de los muertos-style undead halflings
Draaki, the fallen dragonkin of the dark
Drow, the insidious matriarchal rulers of the underworld
Dvergr (dwarf), first of the dwarven races, master sappers
Dweorg (dwarf), the legendary smiths
Funglet, the enigmatic fungus-folk
Gitwerc (dwarf), masters of the infernal regions of Hel
Hoyrall, multi-armed insectoid interlopers from the realms beyond
Kraidyl, the profane crocodile-like race of heretic predators
Svirfneblin, the brilliant scientists of the realms below
Vestraadi, alien and blind, seeing the world with their unique sonar
Zwerc (dwarf), isolationist and fey, redefining what 'dwarf' means

Iron Singer - Screech foes apart with lethal sonic blasts. (Ahool)
Ahool Keener - Emulate or channel the deadly scream of the ahool. (General/Ahool)
Crystal Cannonade - Fuse crossbows with your crystalline arms and snipe the undead. (Colliatur)
Colliatur Reaver (+Pathfinder Unchained version) - Wolverine-like claws + crystalline piano-wire-like filaments at range. (Colliatur)
Day Rambler - The daywalker undead halfling. (Dødelig)
Mirthful Mariachi - Universal instrument spell-less masterpiece specialist bard/gunslinger. (Dødelig)
Wyrmblooded - Unleash the full potential of draaki power. (Draaki)
Master of the Web - Spider-themed monk tradition that can grow arms and use webs...not so neighborhood-friendly. (Drow)
Mistress of the Web - The perfect deceiver/manipulator (Drow)
Dour Destroyer - Antipaladin of entropy with an intelligent, magic item consuming weapon and an aura that breaks foes...and their tools. (Dvergr)
Underminer - Dire badger-riding knight that can erupt from below. (Dvergr)
Undergineer -Explosives master with an eternal boomstick. (Dvergr)
Fortune's Smith - Traveling smith that bestows luck on those that wear his crafted items. (Dweorg)
Smithkin - Military field craftsman. (Dweorg)
Fungal Hulk (+Pathfinder Unchained version) - Swamp Thing-like as a mushroom-person; leaves a trail of spores when enraged. (Funglet)
Psilocybist - Throw deadly, exploding mushroom caps and cast far-out spells. (Funglet/General)
Underterror - Mutating, shape-shifting horror (Gitwerc)
Hel Savant - Slightly less mutating shape-shifting horror...with an emphasis on the powers of Hel. (Gitwerc)
Soul Burner - Make soul-candles from foes and burn them; control when spells set off. (Gitwerc)
Hoyrall Shredder - Unique offense/defense melee fighter that uses four arms to full effect. (Hoyrall)
Siktauryi Specialist - Shoot foes with an unique symbiote that digests and converts poison. (Hoyrall)
Primordial Predator - Apex predator crocodile-style savage (Kraidyl)
Gemcaster - Metamagic specialist utilizing gems. (Svirfneblin/General)
Svirf Scientist - Who needs magic when you can use SCIENCE? (Svirfneblin)
Vestraadi Argus - The ultimate blind watchman/spy. Eyes are are overrated. (Vestraadi)
Stonespeaker - Call the earth to evaporate foes. (General/Zwerc)
Blind Duelist - Blind warrior, nigh unstoppable in duels. (Vestraadi)

A detailed history and information on each race, its peculiarities, settlements and customs
Notes on interactions with other races in the Underworld and beyond

A completely revised domain for the insidious drow to make the upperworlders fear even the very shadow they cast!
Blow foes up with your exploding mushroom caps!
Be a force of entropy and see the tools of your foes fall apart!
Vanquish your foes in honorable duels as they underestimate the power of your sonar-powered senses!
Burn the souls of your foes to crisps and feast on their power!
Cackle with glee as your eternal boomstick triggers cave-ins!
Ride into battle atop a lethal badger and charge foes from below!
...and so much more!


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Woohoo, thanks for the mighty and marvelous shout-outs to such fine companies making some magnificent books!

I know two more PF compatible ones:
Apocalypse the Risen RPG
Bloodlines & Black Magic

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"Five is RIGHT OUT!" </Monty Python knee-jerk reaction>

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