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Dreamscarred Press Bundle Available!

Dreamscarred Press has entered the bundle sale party this week with the Dreamscarred Press Madness Mega-Bundle! The Bundle, which contains over 20 PDFs containing more than 1300 pages of Pathfinder content, over 700 power and item cards, and their entire 3.5 library, is available through the end of March. For under $30!

Also on the bundle front, don't forget that Legendary Games has the 60 Books, 30 Bucks Legendary Games Mega-Bundle available through the end of the month as well.

On the sale side of things, DragonWing Games has made their PDF products available for 50% off through April!

Be sure to check out the rest of this weeks new releases from AAW Games, Avalon Game Company, Ennead Games, Misfit Studios, Raging Swan Press, Rogue Genius Games, and Necromancers of the Northwest!

Be sure to check out all of our Pathfinder Compatible products available here on!

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