Golarion Needs Rebels!


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New Syrinscape SoundPacks and SoundSets now available from paizo.com!

Syrinscape has released a plethora of great new SoundSets and SoundPacks through paizo.com!

All 6 of the Hell's Rebels SoundPacks are now available, correlating to Hell's Rebels Pathfinder Adventure Path volumes, each helping to bring your campaign to life!

Syrinscape also introduces several SoundSets for Mutant's & Masterminds! Check out Farside City, Contest of Champions, or Sub-Terra, which immerses you in Mutant's & Masterminds' underworld realm of darkness, Morlocks and Serpent People.

Looking to go beyond fantasy and into the unknown edges of space? Syrinscape's got you covered with SoundSets like Star Island, Abandoned Space Station, Climatic Space Battle, and Nebula. These audio supplements are great to keep in mind for when Starfinder lands this summer!

Can't get enough sounds? Syrinscape also offers subscriptions for Adventure Path SoundPacks and Sci-Fi SoundSets, as well as a combined SuperSyrin Subscription.

Be sure to check out all of the Syrinscape SoundSets here!

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I love Syrinscape, use it for every game night we have, but I'm sad they will not be doing a Crimson Throne set.

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