It's An Alien Planet! Is There Air? You Don't Know!

Starfinder Core Rulebook

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Starfinder Roleplaying Game available for preorder!

The future is here and the Gap has left a hole in history—but intrepid adventurers push onward, into a universe full of interplanetary threats, familiar and brand-new worlds, and aliens of all stripes. Can the heroes navigate the perils of the Pact Worlds and beyond? Anything can happen in the upcoming science-fantasy Starfinder Roleplaying Game. The Starfinder Core Rulebook is available for preorder now!

The Starfinder Core Rulebook and a slew of other Starfinder products will launch in August at Gen Con. Those products include a GM Screen, Player Character Folio, Pawn Collection, Pawn Bases, and two Flip-Mat products: Basic Starfield and Basic Terrain, and all are available for preorder.

Also at Gen Con will be the Starfinder Adventure Path! The Dead Suns Adventure Path begins with Incident at Absalom Station. In it, a deserted mining ship emerges from hyperspace at Absalom Station, towing a mysterious asteroid behind it. After battling warring factions on the station, the heroes are recruited to explore the ship and asteroid and discover the fate of the ship's missing crew, only to learn that the asteroid is a fragment of a larger, ancient structure—an alien weapon that could threaten the safety and security of all of the Pact Worlds, should it fall into the wrong hands.

Can't wait for August to get your hands on some laser-blasting, alien-fighting Starfinder goodness? Announced for Free RPG Day 2017—experience Starfinder First Contact, a softcover volume that will feature a dozen alien creatures from throughout Golarion's solar system. This free product will also include sneak previews of some of the new abilities and rules systems featured in Starfinder!

Excited for the game? Let us know in the Starfinder General Discussion Messageboard! Have questions? Ask All Your Starfinder Operational Questions Here!

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*sniff, sniff*
*breathe in, breathe out, breathe in, breathe out*
Seems fine to me.

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It should be pretty easy to tell whether there's 'air' and what that atmosphere consists of. High-resolution spectroscopy is able to do that now.

Just cast 'Detect Atmosphere'

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Will there be any Starfinder Subscriptions?

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Toblakai wrote:
Will there be any Starfinder Subscriptions?

Starfinder questions about subscriptions and the like are being answered in the Ask All Your Starfinder Operational Questions Here messageboard thread.

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