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New 3rd Party Pathfinder & Savage Worlds releases!

Looking for a new campaign setting or inspiration for your current campaign? Well look no further! This week brings us the Lands of Porphyra Campaign Setting from 4 Winds Fantasy Gaming/Purple Duck Games and two new Savage Worlds RPG supplements: Necessary Evil-Breakout and Savage Lairs Fantasy Forests!

First, we have the Lands of Porphyra Campaign Setting. Porphyra is a world that grew up without gods, dominated by the followers of the Elemental Lords who oppressed those who would not bow down... until a brave coalition of elves and orcs performed The Calling, and brought an amazing pantheon of gods and the myriad strange lands they loved to merge with the young world—and start a world-spanning war! Now, it is eight centuries since the NewGod Wars, and the 50-odd nations and regions of the Patchwork Planet of Porphyra seethe in uneasy truce, as the more than 80 races that call it home dream of peace—or war anew! Lands of Porphyra is the culmination of years of work by many talented artists and writers whose vision has come together to create a campaign world of dazzling complexity and awesome potential for your Pathfinder campaigns.

Second, Savage Worlds RPG—Necessary Evil: Breakout (Limited Edition). The villainous resistance of New York City was one of the last to hold out against the alien invasion. The evil vsori responded by placing the island of Manhattan beneath an unbreakable energy field. Trapped within, the city's toughest and most cunning super villains must fight for food, weapons, resource, and dominance. But, they`re not alone. Strange creatures swarm in the sewers and subways, powerful gangs rise and raid their rivals, The Black Hand controls a vast black market of scavenged goods, and rumors of a way out are nothing more than street gossip. Only the strong will survive, and only the most calculating will eventually...Breakout! Breakout is a prequel to the Necessary Evil setting.

And finally we have Savage Lairs Fantasy Forests. This Savage Worlds sourcebook presents a range of encounters all tailored to fit within a typical fantasy forest.

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Come the the Lands of Porphyra!

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