I'll Take Swords for $400 Alex!


Our Price: $14.99


New 100 Swords card game releases!

An easy-to-learn, tactical, sword-based, dungeon-crawling micro deck-building game, 100 Swords is played with a poker-sized deck of cards (and a friend). Each turn presents a new puzzle as you navigate the varying cards in your hand and the ever-changing and sometimes hidden cards of the dungeon! There are two main decks to start (The Red Dragon & The Blue Mammoth), each with a unique dungeon to adventure in, plus you can mix and match cards to design your own dungeons!

And for more fun, add in any or all of these great expansions: The Chroma Dragon's Dungeon, The Darkness Dungeon, The Glowing Plasmapede's Dungeon, and The Magic Computer's Dungeon!

Take a look at the rest of Laboratory Games 100 Swords products here!

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What makes you think that I have swords to give, Liz? No one's taking my replica Gandalf the Gray sword! NO ONE!

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