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New third-party campaign setting kickstarter from Encounter Table Publishing launches!

Reach for the stars! Up-and-coming third-party publisher Encounter Table Publishing is bringing a new science-fantasy sandbox to the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game with their Kickstarter project, the Aethera Campaign Setting.

In the Aethera Campaign Setting, adventurers will experience six all-new alien worlds, each with their own detailed culture and history. You'll soar through the vastness of space, visiting locales populated by alien shamans, intelligent plant bio-engineers, musically prophetic technorats, soulful robotic war veterans, all of whom are susceptible to the looming threat of interstellar raiders. The Aethera Campaign Setting presents a dieselpunk, magically technological hybrid with elements of traditional fantasy, rife with discovery, political intrigue and conspiracy, and the ancient songs of the oldest and dying stars of the Aethera system.

The Aethera Campaign Setting Kickstarter aims to publish a 400-page hardcover that gives players and GMs all they need to give their game a sci-fi inspired jumpstart! The final book will have details on Aethera's core races (such as the plant-like erahthi, the bio-mechanical phalanx, and the giant-blooded okatna), classes (as well as specially tailored feats and skills), cosmology, magic items, and a bestiary full of fantastic and horrific monsters.

Intrigued? Check out the free Aethera Campaign Setting Preview Guide for more information from Encounter Table Publishing!

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Paizo Employee Contributor—Canadian Maplecakes

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Seriously people, this should be something that you're backing! I'm not saying that (just) because I'm slated to do writing for it. I'm saying it, because this product will be a quality piece of work!

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I'd say the same (with largely the same reasons). ^_^

We're putting a ton of work into this, and I guarantee you: the final product will be excellent!

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Also, we have a discussion thread for Q&A - feel free to ask anything you might be curious about!

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Only 5 days left to go and still not fully funded. :( If you're interested, don't wait too long.

Disclaimer: I am just a backer and sci-fi fan.

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I am personally super excited by having a full-up sci-fi game in 3.5. I've played in little homebrew conversions and shoehorned some rocket launchers and robots into my fantasy games, but it's been decades since there's been a good, well-supported sci-fi campaign setting that I was interested in, and this really looks like it's going to fly if it gets funded.

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I am a backer too, a decent pledge because I want this to succeed. :(

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Grabbing that free stuff while I can :)

Liberty's Edge

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My only regret is that I don't have more money to pledge for this!

Grand Lodge

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The preview guide is a great glimpse into the feel and lore of the Aethera system. I can say that the "crunch" is also going to be awesome - lots of options for characters, and new systems for space and vehicles that really work.

Also - for those who are used to a more traditional fantasy world without space travel, Aethera doesn't disappoint. It gives you five such worlds (plus an asteroid belt), each with a full history and rich setting. They can all be used as new places to explore, while keeping the sci-fi elements in the background if you wish. If you aren't interested in space combat, you could just park on one of the worlds and run a more traditional fantasy campaign, only using the elements of sci-fi you want.

Only a few days left to help us make this a reality! Please support the Kickstarter.

Grand Lodge

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Scott Young wrote:
Only a few days left to help us make this a reality! Please support the Kickstarter.

Indeed. I backed this as soon as I found out about it. Anyone who loves Sci-Fi/Sci-Fy and Pathfinder should want this. If the preview isn't enough to convince you then check out their website Aetherarpg

RPG Superstar 2011 Top 8

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Glad to be a part of this. As someone who worked on It Came from the Stars for Zombie Sky Press, I was hired for this job because I have a very particular set of skills, skills I've acquired over a very long career...

Scarab Sages RPG Superstar 2008 Top 4; Contributor; Publisher, Legendary Games

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The stuff looks great. Best of luck for a strong finish!

Still have a way to go, but it can be done! Keep spreading the word! :)

Lantern Lodge RPG Superstar 2014 Top 4

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Thanks for the kind words, Jason! Maybe we can do some legendary crossovers in the future.

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56 hours left - there's still time to check out the Preview Guide and make your pledge to the Kickstarter!

We appreciate every single one of you - the 445 who have already pledged, those who have yet to pledge, and even those who want to but can't afford it right now.

Please: consider supporting this project! We can still make it!

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