All The World’s Indeed A Stage and We Are Merely Players!


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Goblin Squad Member

Nihimon wrote:
Bluddwolf wrote:

I don't believe grinding achievements are the type of achievements Rafees was asking for.

When he asked "where is the sense of achievement" he was asking for the achievement of accomplishing a true challenge or achieving a long held goal.

Reading what he actually wrote, in context, I think he was asking about the little things that make you feel like your character is advancing - things like completing quests or gaining XP in other games.

Precisely, which is how I read it as well. Which is why I think presenting the achievements system in PFO might actually be counter productive.

"Gate Grinding" is a poor substitute for feeling you have a true "sense of achievement". Rafees actually mentions the "sidestepping of level grinding" as being a positive, so to point out the fact the PFO has "gate grinding" is counter productive.

Your best argument was "you'll generally get the best sense of accomplishment by being part of an active, thriving Settlement or Company. Those communities will have needs, and seeing those needs met is a powerful motivator."

That takes it away from the mindless and soulless grinding and supports the "sense of achievement" I think Rafees was asking about.

Goblin Squad Member

I like the achievement system. It is pretty transparent in the sense that unless you are a "log in once a week casual PvPer" who just wants to bignote themselves for an hour then log out again you just get them as you play with no real effort and it also gives a nice indicator of where you are at.

The main criticisms I have are:
- the higher gates are too low and too easy to achieve, level 10 should be 10,000 or 12,000 not 8000.
- it should keep counting after 10 even if it serves no in game purpose
- there should be an influence indicator

CEO, Goblinworks

The New Player Guide mentioned earlier is not the guide put together by the fans. I write and maintain it.

Here's a link.

The Exchange

Appologies Ryan. I thought the one I read through was a player based one. It certainly gave plenty of direction on where to spend xp and how to focus on gear and feats. When that gets rolled into the game it will be very useful indeed.

Hoping this all works out, though it seems not my cup of tea at this stage.

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