What Do You Mean, "Funny," Funny How?


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New card game from Ninja Division Games!

Not even death will stop these good fellas with the latest card game from Ninja Division!

Whack 'em before they whack you—that's the rules with Dead Fellas! In this game of zombie mobsters, your goal is to kill ten other guys, before your guys sleep with the fishes (for good this time)! All you need to do is give your Mook a Disguise, a Weapon, and a getaway Vehicle to get close to your target. But after a successful hit, you'll have to get rid of the evidence, which makes your Mook a target for somebody else to whack! Quick and fun, Dead Fellas is a great preamble to your game night or binge watching a season of The Walking Dead—just have some fun and fuhgeddaboutit!

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Is it bad that I thought it was a Goodfeathers reference.

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Matthew Morris wrote:
Is it bad that I thought it was a Goodfeathers reference.

...I'll allow it.


Scarab Sages

Now if there were a Chicken Boo involved.....

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