All About That (Rebel) Base!


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New board game from Fantasy Flight Games!

The Rebellion is here with Fantasy Flight's latest game—and they don't want tea!

No matter which side you're on, Star Wars: Imperial Assault will give you the chance to crush the opposition in this exciting new strategy board game! With multiple ways to play the game, from the one-on-one skirmish pitting the Empire's vast resources against the plucky and determined Rebellion, to the campaign game which challenges up to four players to take on one player's Imperial forces. The skirmish mode is great for quick games, while the campaign gives you a chance to upgrade your team with new equipment and skills while facing the Empire. (Of course, they will get new gear as well, so you may want to enlist the aid of heroes like Han Solo or Luke Skywalker!)

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... no empire! :)

No Rebels!

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