Is It Raining, Is It Snowing, Is a Hurricane A-Blowing?

Pathfinder Map Pack: Boarding Action

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New Pathfinder Map Pack now available!

The wind is beginning to howl outside—time to get below decks with the latest Pathfinder Map Pack!

All aboard for Pathfinder Map Pack: Boarding Action! Our latest Pathfinder Map Pack gives you some the opportunity for some nautical shenanigans with your Skull & Shackles game or Pathfinder Module: Plunder & Peril! Each of the 18 map tiles can be arranged to suit your gaming needs, allowing you to create a deck to unleash arcane might upon (but you may want to hold back on the fireball), a Cluttered Stern to hide behind, or a Narrow Forecastle to have a swashbuckling sword fight upon! Just like our Pathfinder Flip-Mats, Pathfinder Map Pack: Boarding Action are specially coated to allow you to use dry erase, wet erase, and even permanent markers to let you change up your battlefield as you need for your game!

Check out the rest of the Pathfinder Map Packs—and Flip-Mats—right here on, and don't forget that subscribers receive a free digital copy when your map ships!

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Scarab Sages

Do these act as overlays to any of the existing ship mats, like the tiles for markets do?

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